Taking a morning walk without a phone


It is a freeing feeling not to need to bring a phone while taking a walk.

I feel so relaxed, not thinking about anything.

It’s also great to focus on the sensations like warmth from the sun to your skin, the sweat slowly forming above your head and the brisk steps you take.

In our daily life, we are drawn on different direction primarily with the various notifications in our phone.

When you had the chance, try to leave your phone away from you and do something with your day.

Don’t fear missing out on the latest trend or not getting in communication with the people who want to contact you.

When you are done doing something you love away from your phone, you can always tell the friends who try to contact you that you were back again and can be contacted right in that moment.

Putting your phone away is a one distraction away. You can be more mindful with the happenings around you when your phone is not in your hands and sight.

The experiences are also better and engraved in your memories when you are free from distraction.

The sunlight is better felt. The walk is enjoyed.

How many hours a day are you tied with your phone? Do you fully enjoy your experiences in your daily life?

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