When you don’t like to write today


There will be days that you just don’t feel like writing anything.

It can be due to emotional ups and downs. It can be lack of inspiration. There are different reasons why you can’t or wouldn’t want to write today.

You can do other things instead of forcing yourself to write today!

Read a book

You can sit down and chill while reading a great book. You can pass time and access vast knowledge as you read each page of a book.

Reading can relax your mind and ultimately promotes better and quality sleep.

Eat foods

When you had a low energy level, you must take notice on the foods that you consume.

You might not be eating on time or skipping meals as you were so busy with work.

Take the time to eat well cooked food. You can also drink some juice to your enjoyment. I love drinking coconut juice when I had low energy levels. It uplifts me instantly and give me the vibe that I can do anything for the day.

Take a nap

You might not be following any sleep schedule and this is the reason why you don’t feel like yourself during the day.

You can take short naps to payoff your sleep debt.

While taking your time to recollect the sleep you need, you can renew your energy at the same time.

Clean your room

When I don’t feel like writing a blog, I clean my room.

I like to throw away the things that doesn’t serve purpose anymore. This is something I work on each day. I want to live life with lesser things.

Having a clean room to go back to from work is also rewarding. When your room is messed up, do expect to have a messed up life too.

It’s also good to clean your room at least thrice a week. You can even put things in their right spot daily to have lesser things to organize each time you clean.

Delete unnecessary apps, photos, files in your phone

When you have the time to delete things from your phone, do it right away!

It is a good feeling to know that you are freeing space in your phone. You have lesser things to deal with and you have more space for new things to come.

Look at your investments portfolio

When you don’t like to write, you can always do other things like looking at the progress of your investments.

Surely you don’t want to see prices on a daily basis especially if markets are not working for your interests.

On the other hand, taking time to visit your investment portfolio has its advantages.

You have the edge to look at what investments are giving you paper gains and which of the investments you can put more money on.

You don’t need to feel guilty about not wanting to write for a day. You are free to do other things that can improve your life.

You can always go back to writing when you feel like doing it. You are to write better blogs if you take this opportunity to enjoy your time.

I wasn’t writing alot the past days, I noticed that I read and do the things in my list above.

I had a better vision of what I want to write after taking this short mandatory breaks from writing.

If ever you feel like having these low energy and don’t have the same enthusiasm to write, recognize these emotions and consider the thought that it will pass. You will gain new energy to write more once you improve your health, mindset and routines.

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