Putting things in Perspective

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There are goals that can be a distant memory for the moment.

You strive for it for years but you don’t see the point of pursuing it now. You don’t see where it will go if you put another sum of money in pursuit of the dream.

It may be attractive to you to try it again after years of dormancy. But it doesn’t contribute to your growth as a person anymore. It just seems pointless and another path is better worth of your time.

I don’t see myself pursuing the goals I had after I graduated from college. Today, all my goals are different from 4 years ago.

I also changed alot as an individual. I had the courage to pursue a different path now. I don’t box myself into one direction. I can see myself succeeding in a different area that wasn’t on my list before.

I am actively doing things that can improve my wealth and well being.

I am also grateful that I discovered new grounds to conquer.

There will be challenges in pursuing different goals, but I am glad that I don’t put self limitations anymore. Those limiting beliefs were burned and I am now living the life I thought were impossible almost a decade ago!

Blogging is becoming a part of my life as each day passes.

I will always be grateful that I found this new fountain in my life. It became a great source of inspiration for me to improve in other areas.

I can also share my knowledge to many people and touch lives in different depths and ways.

This is one of the dreams that was buried but get back to light when it’s due season.

You need to believe in yourself that you can achieve your dreams no matter what circumstances was in front of you.

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