Why I stopped Reading the Self Help Book?

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When I was going home from work, I downloaded one of the popular motivational books that you can search on the internet. I thought that it could help me to tackle my problems that I am going through with life. It turns out that my weeks got worse after immersing myself in reading the book.

I don’t hate the book, but it was clear that my situation doesn’t match with what is written on it. I just want to share that when you are reading something and it doesn’t help you to be a better version of yourself, you have the right to stop reading the book. Don’t be afraid of having the unfinished business. You don’t want to finish a book for the sole purpose of finishing reading it cover to cover. If it doesn’t help you, drop it right now.

Reading the book combined with my current life situation, I suffered a lot. I didn’t have enough sleep as I always sleep at 2am. My mind is clearly disturbed with all the childhood experiences of the writer of the book. It was supposed to be motivational but the effect on me was the other way around. I was low in energy even more. I don’t feel like I am my normal self after 3 chapters of reading that book. The book was about 300 pages and I was in page 60 of it.

I also had terrible nightmares. It was intense that my palms are open in an arrest form when I wake up. Thankfully my sister woke me up because I had these series of sleep paralysis. It’s the worst I had in years.

I noticed that I can’t read something negative like the childhood experiences of someone written into a book and have a normal day after that. Whenever I read something, I put myself into the shoes of the author and actually feel the emotions the author had during those moments of experiences in life. This is why I need to stop reading the book. I can’t help but feel the anger he had towards his abuser, and its draining the energy out of me. My peace of mind was taken away from me by reading the pages of each book. This is when I know I need to stop reading.

Even though a week has passed, I still had bad dreams and the low energy was prominent last week. It is only today that I had this energy to write once again with much passion.

All I can do is to remind you to think before you consume. The book that the author wrote might be helpful to those who had the same trauma during their childhood. But for those like me who had wonderful family growing up, you might feel unhappy for the author and you wouldn’t relate to the energy the author had. Instead of being given energy, it can suck the energy out of you.

Our body is comprised with millions of particles. If we let those pages of resentment towards their parents to enter your waves of thought, it can paralyze you in getting things done because your body will be filled with the negative energy that it absorbed.

If I would download a book again from the internet, I will make sure that I will read some parts of it before downloading. In this way I would know what to expect and notice if it matched with my preferences.

I can totally say that I am back to who I used to be before reading that book. I had this energy now to pursue my dreams. I also had more energy to write and accomplish what I need to do.

Maybe like the book, there are people in your life that doesn’t match with who you are. You need to let those people go and see how your outlook in life might change for the better. You will be more inspired to face your day and do the things you really want to do. Don’t let the energy sucking books or people hinder you from achieving your full potential.

You create your life based on your choices. If you choose to stay reading a book that obviously put chaos into your messed up life, don’t expect healing as soon as you finish it.

You can clutter your life by reading the books that doesn’t contribute to your growth. It is like watching the news every day, you can reason out that you want to stay updated with the current events but in reality you are feeding yourself with hot news of negativity, dissatisfaction and despair.

Instead of watching the news, create the news. Do your best to be the successful person that you desired to be good news to those around you. You need to produce the news of joys, greatness and kindness to those people who needs it.

I learned my lesson from the book. I need to be careful of what thoughts I let to enter my mind. If I read about the bitter experiences of other people, I find myself being bitter towards people too.

You clearly attract what you thought. You need to think with optimism and great expectations. If you thought of lack, you will only notice the lacking areas of your life. If you think about abundance, you will notice the blessing that is showered to you.

Our mind is so powerful that it can affect our body when we think positively and also be down and gloomy when we entertain negativity. As you take good care of your body by eating healthy foods and good sleeping habits, take time to also care for your mind by picking the right content that would bring you wisdom.

It is our decision to stay where we are or to move forward from whatever past experiences we had. We shouldn’t let our terrible experiences in our younger years to define who we are today.

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