Recap of the previous week

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I’ve been through tough days the past few days that already turned ito weeks.

I felt the need to write this as it’s the mark for me to stop whatever I am doing that doesn’t help me in my life.

I want to start in a new path.

I will leave the negative thoughts behind and will move forward with a bright expectation.

There are alot of improvements that I want to achieve for myself.


I want to gain weight. I’ve been weighing so little and it’s been a source of my overthinking the past few weeks.

I want to gain more kilos to my weight.

I also want to workout and do some stretches each week. I know this can be hard work as I also have a job to go daily. But I needed this to improve my physical well being. I also want to eat more times in a day. Currently I was having these problems in eating like I feel I will vomit if I eat too much. It’s like it’s all in the mind, but I need to work on improving my eating habits.

Aside from eating, sleep is also one of the most important aspect to our physical health.

I need to sleep at 10:30pm as I need to get up at 6am to go to work at 8am.

If I don’t get enough hours of sleep, I can have a headache throughout the day in my work hours. I need to have the discipline to go to sleep when it is time.


Since Pandemic, I haven’t gone to church every Sunday. Over a year, I can count in my hands on how many times I watch the online mass or physically went to a church.

I also needed to pray more.

I also haven’t meditated the past months. My inner peace is inexistent the past weeks and I keep having terrible dreams.

It’s a chaos and it’s consuming me. I need to put a stop on this chaotic world that I created for myself.

I need to organize my thoughts and compose myself. I need to connect more to my being and be in a good place spiritually.


I need to be stronger to get things done. No matter what I am going through I need to remind myself that it’s in the middle.

Mental toughness is needed to survive. If you will choose to be stronger, you will attract all that you want to get in this lifetime.

Don’t ask for things to be easy, make yourself mentally stronger to get the things you want for your life.


I want to manage my money well. It’s been a challenge to keep on choosing the actions that will lead you to accumulation of greater wealth.

I also need to create an affirmation for the wealth I want to attract.

Being patient with handling my investments is something that I am continuously learning. I don’t want to be too greedy that I end up loosing the opportunity. I need to take profits when I feel like it’s time to get it. I need to wait it out when I see that my money is shrinking into dust.

Proper risk management is also needed in these investments.

Which aspect of your life do you want to improve on? What steps would you take to improve in these areas?

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