Taking 10 minutes a day to meditate


This is one habit that I want to incorporate in my life.

I need to meditate more than ever. It has been a challenging week for me since last Sunday. I had been feeling all sorts of emotions. I had been down the past few days.

Meditation can help me to organize my thoughts. It can also improve my life in vast ways.

I had alot to improve on and taking a first step of meditating using a timer for ten minutes a day can help me to face the challenges in my life.

I like to meditate without any guide or sounds. I like to hear the natural noise that the wind creates as it pass through the roofs during a storm. I also like to hear the barking of dogs and passing on the streets of cars.

Meditating can help you to live in the present moment. It helps to be more mindful of the tasks at hand.

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