Songs I enjoyed the most

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It’s kinda difficult to pick three songs I enjoyed the most.

There are alot of songs I like and enjoyed singing along with.

These days, I enjoyed listening to latest music. Songs that were released year 2020 and 2021.

Music is so helpful when you are going through different stages of your life. Music can be with you as you grow from nothing into something.

Songs can be played while doing the laundry. You can also sing while you write a blog. You can also play a song while cleaning your room.

Music is life. Life is music.

You might forget about the song title but the lyrics is engraved in your heart when you hear it again.

When I was younger, I don’t like to listen to new music. I always try to play the old songs.

As I turn in my 20s, I found the joy in listening to these latest songs. I admire the voices of young artists and admire how they pursue their own passion in life.

At the same time, I also listen to old songs whenever I am ironing clothes. I also listen to old songs when I am cooking my food. I try to balance the time between listening to old and new songs.

Before I go to the grocery store earlier, I played some old songs and it help me to get things done too.

When I feel down, or just overthinking things, songs help to distract me from my own negative thoughts. It brings in the positive energy to function well in what I am doing.

I also listen to songs at work. I am working for longer hours and when it turns 3pm I know I needed to listen to a couple of songs to have the positive vibes it can give me.

What are the songs that you enjoy the most? Can you share the song titles? What are the lyrics that help you go through a one tough day?

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