Walking before going to Work


It can be a great activity to start your day with walking.

Today, I walked from my home to the atm machine. At first it’s hard to think about getting myself to walk. The comfort of staying on bed to chill for more minutes is so tempting.

But still I need to get some money to buy some food for breakfast. Once I put on my running shoes, I had decided to just do it.

Walking from one corner to another. Then another street.

Finally I made it! Walked from home and went back.

I also bought breakfast meal and ate at home. I also prepared myself to go to work this Saturday morning.

My knees were also getting better. I take small steps since I felt knee pains last March. I also slow down on how I do things. I am feeling better and this early morning walk helps alot.

I also noticed that I have more energy to face whatever is in my day. Walking is so helpful to feel better when you are down.

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