Singing while Writing

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Where do you find inspiration when you need to write? Do you find inspiration in the process of writing itself?

As I write this blog I am also playing some songs. I also enjoyed singing while writing a blog.

At some point, I will stop to sing a part of the song. Sometimes, I will stop singing and continue writing. It’s a good way to multitask. It is also very relaxing to let yourself to sing and write your thoughts.

It is also good to hear your own singing voice as it makes one feels so alive.

Whether the lyrics of the song matches the words as you sing doesn’t really matter as long as you are enjoying the song.

When you don’t feel so well physically, singing can uplift you and give you the strength you need.

There can be a song in the playlist that is so unfamiliar to you, but still you find yourself enjoying the pretty tunes. You might even sing along with your voice in the chorus as you hear the lines play multiple times.

Singing can boost your creativity. It can also make you so hyper that you are typing the letters faster than normal in your laptop.

The great voices of various singers were enough to fuel your passion to write something from nothing.

The instrumentals can be so good that you can’t help but admire the great art of music.

You feel so connected with the song and you can say that you are living your life in the present moment. You aren’t thinking of the past nor worrying about your future. You are hearing this great song that you continuously write about it. The visual images that the music produces crossed your mind.

You may also skip some songs if it’s a playlist of songs that is created by another person. You don’t need to force yourself to hear a whole song that you are clearly not interested with. Instead, you can play the songs that you like.

Singing can also take away any negative emotion that you have. Your body can also feel light weight after singing along a good song. Your neighbors can also sing along especially if you are living in a small space. You can lower the volume to listen to the voice of your neighbors!

I can say that I am having a great time writing this blog. It can be fun if you are also listening to songs while reading this blog!

You can also listen to song covers of aspiring artists. The tunes might be different from the original song but you can still appreciate the version of another person. You can also use your hands to tap your legs while singing along to the beats of the music. You might be able to sing along about three words from the song but as long as you like it, just sing!

You can stop writing and enjoy one whole song then go back to writing when you feel like it.

When we lead a busy life, we can’t fully stop and listen to music. We think about the targets we need to meet our company’s objective. We can also be filing mountains of papers and music seems like a distant tune. When you have this opportunity to stop and listen to great music, seize the day!

You can close your eyes while listening to your preferred song. Music can bring back your childhood memories no matter how modern the song is. You can tap those memories and select which you want to cherish.

You can listen to your favorite singer and sing your favorite song too.

Music can give you an activity to express your emotions through the words sang. You can also look outside your window and watch the cars passing the streets. You can look in the mirror and see yourself as you write.

It has been a tough week for me as I don’t have the energy I had normally. I feel weak physically and also had to deal with down emotions throughout the week.

After walking before going to work this morning, I feel better and I had my energy close to the normal I had.

I also had the need to write my thoughts. Music also helps me to write more. Music can give color to your writing life. You might need a light in the darkness and music gives just that.

When you don’t know where you are going or what you are going through in this life, just listen to music. You might never know what will happen or what lies ahead for your future, but music can give you the peace that everything will be alright.

Everything will be just fine and you need to know that. Remind yourself that everything will be in their rightful place in due time.

The songs you hear today might be the spark of memories you will have in the future. You can unconsciously associate the songs to the feelings you have while listening to them. And whenever you find yourself listening to the same song again, you might also feel the same feelings you had while listening to it the first time.

As I listen to these songs, I also believe that I can write a blog about it.  And now it turns out that I am already writing in the second page of a Word file.  Its more than nine hundred words already as I can see in the word counter!

The high notes really inspired me to write about this topic.

Music can paint a thousand words too!

It is also a great surprise each time a new song plays.

Are you an avid listener? Do you enjoy music? Which songs do you play when you want to write for long hours? Do you get irritated when listening to any type of music or do you enjoy doing activities while listening to songs?

I had too many questions in mind. Hopefully I can read some of your answers too!  

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