How long should a blog post be?


As I read the blogs of others, I found myself enjoying the short blog posts.

Sometimes I found myself liking the blog of another person who posted with a quotation. The quotation may also be combined with an amazing photo.

Pictures can paint words, that’s why even with only a short quotation I already appreciate the blog posted.

There are also times that I read a very long blog posts. I love reading and learning from others. I tend to read from beginning till ending. I am picking up the ideas that might help me and also applicable to my life.

I also take time to admire the long blog as I know it might have took them 4 hours to write or even more.

The effort that is exerted in a blog is priceless. Passion and talent were combined to put up the blog.

There were blog posts that I read that I feel that there were more paragraphs needed to be completed. I mean this in a good way, like I felt that there are more words to be written in the blog. In short, I feel like I want to read more from that specific blog. I am craving for a longer blog posts as the topic written and how it is written caught my interest.

I also find some blogs that are a one liner. It’s a brave thing to do when blogging with a very short post. I believe that people who blog with this one liner posts is highly confident with their work of art. They don’t mind whether it’s short to read but value the things they want to share.

Most beginner bloggers tend to write 200-300 words, at least from what I have experience being a beginner.

These days I tend to write 600-1000 words, to give more details on the topic I am blogging.

I also love writing a list type of blog. But this time I also want to improve on free writing a blog.

Your blog post is your unique area in the internet world. No one can dictate how you would write a blog post. It depends on your emotions whether you want to write a short or a long post. It can also depend on your experience whether you are familiar or uncertain in a topic.

Whether it’s a short or a long blog, it’s important to create a connection between you and your potential readers.

Many of them can notice whether you truly exerted an effort putting up a blog or you published it without considering the flow of words to be understandable to your readers.

Do you have any rules when it comes to writing length? How long should your blog be? Do you consider changing from a long post blog into a short blog? Will you enjoy writing a one liner blog? Will you spend time writing a blog with 3000 words or more?

I would love to read your comments and I will also turn this into a longer blog once I find time.

Thank you for reading this not so long but not so short blog post!

3 comments on “How long should a blog post be?”

  1. This though often crosses my mind!
    Depending on the time of day, I enjoy both long and short blogs. And it makes me wonder, how many words should I be using in my blog posts?
    Then, my mind spirals thinking about how to keep content of all sizes relevant to my site. It has become juggling and balancing act for sure!🌺

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  2. I just go for a blog that suits the words haha – if I’m feeling lucky, I go for a short blog, I’ve found you get more interaction the fewer the words. I don’t know if that tells us about our attention spans or just the use of ending with a question to gain more insight but … I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer with this. Whatever suits best!

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