Writing in My Gratitude Journal

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After working so hard for long hours, I find myself in need of writing in a Gratitude Journal.

The buzz at work is all throughout the day and night. When I got to work before 8am I can find myself going out at 10pm.

There’s constant need to accomplish things. When I got home, I need to clean my surroundings as I crave for peacefulness. There’s somewhat chaos in between work, you need to solve those problems and show that you are delivering value.

Breathing deeply can help you to hold on to some calmness from the busy day you’ve been through.

Today I’ll write on my gratitude journal as I need this more than ever this year!

What am I grateful for?

I wrote three under this question in my gratitude journal.

Actually, there are numerous things and events to be grateful for. If you would only look closely, you won’t lack in the phrases to write on your own gratitude journal.

I am so thankful of the great day no matter what happened during the day. Any event that I don’t like today were just part of my whole day. It doesn’t sum up my day. I am blessed to get through what I’ve been in today and I look forward to being strong as I face more days like this.


You can only control certain areas of your life. You can’t control what people will do to you, what they will say to you or how they will look at you.

You can control how you deal with people, how you speak to people and how you look at things people did.

Be grateful of the little things – the courtesy of the security guard at work, greetings of good morning between coworkers, food in the table at lunch time, ability to eat food without vomiting, strength you have to stay at work for long hours and every good things that you are able to do.

When we focus on the person, events and things in our life that we are grateful for, we are emphasizing the positivity and minimizing the problems that we have.

Choose the positive outlook in life by writing something you are grateful for today!

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