Writing while listening to Music

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I’ve been playing the songs in the background for about 4 hours now.

I have published one blog, What Keeps You Going? and also edited one blog graphic.

What Keeps You Going?

I also created a list of the blog topics and titles I will write for the next seven days.

As I blog about How to Plan Your Blog Posts for 7 days?

How to Plan Your Blog Posts for 7 days

I indicated that I want to publish more blog in the next seven days.

This is the first blog from the list of 21 blog titles that i made.

Under the topic of Music I listed 3 potential blog titles I want to write about.

1. Writing while listening to Music

2. Singing while Writing

3. Songs I Enjoyed the Most

I wrote three titles on each 7 topics that I listed which I picked from 11 Blog Topics to Publish.

After choosing those topics, I think about the possible titles and contents I can write about.

Listening to music helped me alot in writing these titles.

I feel that I can accomplish this challenge of posting an average of 3 titles as long as I follow this plan of writing the contents under the titles I listed.

When I feel like I can’t come up with another title, I turn my focus on the music playing on the background. At first I was listening to the latest songs. But as I go along I am listening to old songs as I like it too!

It also feels so relaxing while listening to different sounds from these old songs. Instruments playing in the background and the voices were so good.

You can close your eyes and feel your heart beat and the hear the voice of the singer in the background. You can breathe deeply while enjoying the music at the same time.

You can also type a whole blog in your phone while listening to some great songs playing on your laptop just like what I’m exactly doing.

Listening to music brings in several benefits in your life.

1. Music can relieve your stress/ tension.

When you feel like it’s been a very stressful day, or there will be an intense week ahead of you listening to music can calm you down!

Music helps you to focus on great tunes, rhythm and sounds. Your problems may seem small once you enjoy those music.

Don’t forget to go back to those songs whenever you don’t feel that your life is going so well.

2. Music can give you inspiration

When you are writing a blog, you can hit that point where you can’t write any more words.

Listening to music can’t prevent that from happening!

You can catch some words from the lyrics of the song you are listening to. You can start with the word you choose and write those few paragraphs. Once you are in the zone again, you can write a whole blog and be thankful that you played that music in the background!

3. Music can give you an energy boost

When you feel down, you don’t like to do anything. Once you play that song that has the good vibes, you can pick up those good energy and do what you need to do.

Just like what I am doing now, I am writing with great energy. I started this posts with only a few words but now as I listen to music, these few words even became a list type of blog!

You can listen to a song and write what comes in your mind.

4. Music helps you to take things easy

Most of the time we tend to worry about things that might affect us. But we can’t see the fact that our approach to life like worrying is the culprit in not being able to live the great life we aspire to have.

When you listen to music, the tones produced is enough to ease your worries. Focusing on the instrumentals can give you joy.

Write what worries you and listen to the music, and as you do that your own worries will look so small because you take a step back and notice the details.

5. Music can help you to be grateful

I noticed that when I listen to music, I became calm and at ease. I gained the ability to appreciate what I have in my life.

I can write how grateful I am to be writing this blog. I am grateful that I am able to share my thoughts and knowledge to someone who would like to read my blog.

I am also grateful that I can listen to the songs and have the wonderful senses.

At first, I thought that I can’t blog anything about music. But keeping myself writing the next words and the next few paragraphs proved me wrong. Music can bring the magic of turning your impossible into possible!

Play those songs in the background and see if it can help you write more.

If you are not with the habit of listening to music while writing, give it a try. If it irritates you, you can stop writing and just listen to a music then write after.

It depends on you on how you can use music in your daily life. You might end up listening to music daily when you became an avid listener!

Do you listen to music while writing? Or it’s the other way around, writing while listening to music?

I want to know which songs you love to listen to while writing your blog, book or journal!

Any songs you would love to recommend? Feel free to share and let’s admire those songs while we write 🙂

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