What keeps you going?


It may seem that this life is pointless. You cannot control what will happen to you in your daily life. You may feel like walking blindly in the darkness.

You can only control your actions, thoughts and routines.

Life has its ups, downs, joys, sorrows, victory and failures. Many people let life to pass them by. Counting their years instead of making their days count.

Your days depend on the choices you make. Your written goals may change from year to year. What matters to you today may not be as important to you 5 years later.

You must be able to cope with these changes in your life.

1. This situation shall pass

The storm you are facing in your life will be gone after a day, three days or how long it wants to pass by.

Nothing is permanent in our world. This also applies to your situations in life. There will be endless changes in your lifetime.

Your situation will not stay the same forever. If you are in poverty this year, after two decades, you might find yourself earning 20 times than what you have before.

You shouldn’t focus on your hardships as it is for a short term. You must zoom out and see the possibility that the situation will change in a long term.

2. Being at rock bottom means that there is a climb

If you are suffering emotionally and don’t see the essence why you are feeling all these negative emotions, you are in the rock bottom.

You must realize that being in the rock bottom can teach you on how to be stronger as you face more obstacles walking in this life.

What you thought as rock bottom five years ago might be a dip but there will be a deeper fall that you will face that will impact your life big time.

The hardships that you face today might be your preparation for a grand rock bottom two years from now.

It is important to apply what you learn from those hardships so that you are a better version of yourself when you hit rock bottom once more.

When you are in a low point of life, also recognize that there will be progress and you are into a journey of a climb.

You need to move forward from the dumps and climb up to a brighter place.

3. Positive mindset can get you through tough times

While tough times can bring you down emotionally, physically and mentally, your positive mindset in each area of your life can lift you up.

When you are discouraged to go on, optimism is what you needed the most.

It will be hard to find something positive especially if you are in a hopeless situation but you need to hold on to some brighter thoughts.

Positive mindset can help you go through your dark path towards a brighter future. Focus your eyes on the areas in your life where you can find joy. Music can bring you some positive energy, listen to those songs.

4. Your actions affect people around you

What you do today can have a direct or indirect effect to those around you.

How you solve your problems can affect people closest to you.

Be strong and face your problems. You are responsible for your own life. No one can help you from that failure, you are the one to encourage yourself to stand up once again.

Live your life like how you would advise your loved ones to live a fulfilling life.

Write that book you were planning to write a decade ago. Start the business you were dreaming about for years. Take actions and know that everything you do has a value.

5. I create my own destiny

What I do today can have a direct and indirect impact in my future. I am responsible about my future.

If I eat healthy foods in the next years, I can expect that I will have a strong body and no illness at all.

If I write more in the next year, I can find myself with a better writing skill.

I can create my own success and also my own failures. Pursuing my goals depends on how I value those goals.

If I spend my time doing things related to my goals in life, there will be a way that will ultimately lead to the achievement of my goals.

6. I have a purpose of being alive

Many people can’t see the purpose of why they are still alive.

It can be difficult to live each day if you are without purpose. You will always take time to find yourself.

Being alive is a blessing to you and to your family.

There will always be an ending from this blessing like death of a loved one. Nonetheless it is a big blessing to be alive today.

Your purpose in life is to be good to your neighbors.

The definition of neighbors differ, it can be your loved ones, coworkers, friends or those people you meet on the street. Neighbors can be anyone who is in a close proximity to you. 

You have a purpose in life. You can change that purpose year after year but remember that your life is a once in a life time blessing so don’t waste it by thinking that you don’t serve any purpose.

7. Things that matter to me now maybe useless for me in the next year

Don’t take everything seriously. Everything has its end.

What I value today might be useless for me next year.

I am continuously evolving as I gained different experiences, been through failures, reach achievements and meet new people.

I can say that my goals three years ago look like a distant memory that I don’t want to tap into right now.

While some of the goals I had a decade ago was those that I am trying to pursue this year.

You are changing as an individual and your goals also changes.

What are the thoughts that keep you going? What mindset shift helped you to walk in this life? Can you share your powerful thoughts that helped you pass through these tough times?

I would love to read those thoughts and apply the same in my life.

8 comments on “What keeps you going?”

  1. Thank you for this inspiring post – god only knows we need after the past year we’ve had. Hopefully this summer will get us back to normal and we shan’t be thinking such negative thoughts … I’ve definitely had a thought about what I want to get out of life, and it’s certainly a difficult conversation to have with yourself. Many thanks for the share, hope is all well with you too, my friend.

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