When Someone Says

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Your hardwork doesn’t matter as it doesn’t produce the results.

These were the words spoken to me that amazes me till this day.

I can’t believe how people can turn someone down just because the results wasn’t apparent. It’s a crazy world with the crazy people only putting value in the outcome than the process.

Working smart is given the glory than working hard.

Yet people differs in how they approach work and also have their individuality. People also differs in how they attain success as they’ve been through different kinds of failures.

I learned in the past year that not all people can appreciate all that you do. They want to go blindly on the efforts that you make and doesn’t approve you unless you accomplish things perfectly or show the results.

Accomplishing work the fastest way is given praises.

The opinions about you is always subjective. It depends on the one evaluating your work.

If you will let these evaluations to put you down, what they say about you can become your reality. When you ask the opinion of another person, you will be shocked that it’s 180 degrees from the negative remarks thrown at you.

Till this day, I believe people have their own insecurities that translates to the words they say to other people. When someone is putting me down, I look at it as they doesn’t like my approach to things. Their values doesn’t match what I value.

I don’t need to change a thing. If I did I would be walking on eggshells fearing that I might ruin myself in the process.

All I need to do is to stay strong. Hard work without the results might not look good in the eye, but what kind of results are we really talking about?

If the results that people were expecting from you is the one that is impossible to reach, no amount of hardwork will really help you.

I will always choose to work hard even if I don’t see the right results as people expect.

Who cares if I work hard and it doesn’t payoff as good as other people?

I am clearly not trying to be the same as my colleagues. If someone wants a great result as that of another person, he should pray for science to make cloning possible to humans.

I have this one life and living for another person’s expectation is the biggest mistake I would not like to make.

Putting someone down is not a good thing to do. Whatever you do, try your best not to discourage those around you.

Be the source of inspiration instead of being the loud speaker of your own insecurities.

Don’t compare someone’s result to another person because that’s like comparing a star and a sun. Both has their shine but serves a different purpose.

Anyway, people has their own set of experiences. Maybe someone who is discouraging you today unintentionally portray the same discouragement received from another person two decades ago. It might be the sweetest revenge that can be grasp as the one who did that to them was already in grave.

I will continuously work hard whether its blogging, working, exercising or changing myself for the better.

No amount of discouragement could stop me. I learned alot to live this long and I will use what I learn to reach my goals.

No person can stop you from reaching your full potential.

Keep working hard and don’t see results as the end goal. See the process as the goal because by working hard you are closer to your own victory.

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