Listening to Old Songs


Old music can bring some old memories.

Two decades ago, the radio was the primary source of music. You can request for songs to play. You can wait for your message to be read by the radio dj.

The phones have the physical keypads and smaller screen. Listening to audios through the cellphones isn’t possible yet. Only the ringtones are the music that can be accessed in the phones.

Most television shows are in black and white. Or maybe just in our house.

As I listen to a few old music, the glimpse of the past suddenly flash back.

It’s not necessarily good or bad memories but it’s certainly old memories.

Music can bring out the past moments that you might attach to it as you hear those tunes.

Music is good for the soul, it can uplift you in times of troubles. It can also boost your energy when you are losing motivation to do something.

What old song titles did you listened to a decade ago? How about two decades ago?

Is your life simpler while listening to those old music back then? Which artists do you love listening to the most?

I am actually interested in reading the answers of people in each question I make or in each blog questions I write about.

Share your thoughts when you can 🙂

3 comments on “Listening to Old Songs”

  1. We often hear about how smell connects us to memory (Which, of course, it does) But there is nothing like a song from the past to make me feel young again! There are too many too name, but a couple time-travel inducing standouts would be…
    “This used to be my playground” Madonna (To feel like a child again)
    “Sweet Emotion” Aerosmith (To feel like a teenager again)
    Don’t judge 😆🌺

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  2. Back then the song bonfire heart by james blunt and if a song could get me you by marit larsen was always playing on the radio. And when I listen to these songs again I just feel home, it reminds me of all of the roadtrips which makes me feel very happy 😄

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