How to Plan Your Blog Posts for 7 Days?

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You might have a lot of ideas that are messing in your head. You need a plan to successfully put a blog to publish. You might end up having alot of drafts if you don’t find time to plan.

Planning should be the first step before writing a paragraph. You should plan on what topic you will discuss on a specific date You also need to choose the areas you want to focus your energy to write.

I want to start planning for the next week of blogging. As I write this Saturday, I want my week to go smoothly as possible.

Writing about this plan is also important as I became accountable on the plans I set.

I plan to write 21 blog posts from Monday till Sunday next week. This is a challenge as well as a plan. I want to write as many topics, words and blogs as I can.

I believe that by practicing on writing more posts, I can gain writing skills and improve how I connect to the readers.

I don’t want to publish a blog that don’t align with what I thought my blog should be. These 21 blog posts must be with the standards of quality while achieving the amount of blogs I publish.

This challenge will also put me outside my comfort zone. It’s already a challenge to put 1 blog a day, how much more if it’s 3 blog posts average every day in a week.

I’m sure I will take breaks and will not let myself be burnout from this challenge. I also want to be intentional with writing in this blog.

Most likely I will still posts the list type of blog and also put pictures in it.


I can imagine myself waking up and preparing myself to work. As I focus my time and energy on working, I will get home at night. I will cook my meal, change clothes and clean my room.

I will open my laptop and start writing about the blog titles I had in my drafts.

This is the power of visualization.

I can clearly see myself typing those words that will turn into a blog. I will not stop until it’s midnight.

I will sleep and wake up at 6 am.


I can see myself eating the meal that I cook for breakfast. I will do some stretches and move my body a bit.

I will also catch some sunlight and drink water.

I will read something motivational before going to work. I need that.

After working long hours, I will go home and prepare my dinner. I will clean the dishes and prepare myself to write some blogs using my phone.

I will sleep when I am done writing and sharing the blog in social media platforms.


I set my alarm at 5 am to put on my running shoes and jog from 5:15 till 5:45 am. I will buy some cooked breakfast and eat. I will also prepare myself to go to work.

At night, I will try my best to write for 2 hours. I will also meditate for 10 minutes before going to sleep.


I will get up at 6 am and do some stretches. I will also prepare my breakfast and open my account to invest in stocks. I will choose the stocks that I think will give me good returns in the long run.

I will get some sunlight before preparing myself to go to work.

After working, I will go home and cook some food. I will also use my laptop to write some blog.

I will get a good night sleep and wake up early the next day.


I love to set Friday as my fitness day! I will set my alarm and wake up at 5:30 am. I will go outside and jog for 30 minutes. I will eat breakfast and go to work.

After working, I will go home and read some pages of a book before sleeping. I prefer reading books during Fridays than writing a blog.


It’s a great day to be at home and catch up with my family. I will sleep as long as I can. I usually turnoff all the alarms I set in my phone and let myself to wake up naturally.

I will take naps during the afternoon. When I wake up I will write as many blogs as I can.

It will be great if I can come up with 21 titles to blog about before next week so that I will have a clear direction.

I will also respond to comments in my blog on Saturdays and Sundays. I also try to read as many blog posts of fellow bloggers as I can during weekends.

I also do some stretches as I needed it to be active.

I will also use this day to learn something new. I love reading the opinions of other people about life and it helps me to widen my perspective.

This is also the time to assess my financial investments and which stocks I should invest more on when weekdays come.

I will read in the evenings pages of the book I am interested in and I will sleep.


I would love to spend more time with my family. I will watch movie with them. I will also eat the delicious meals at home.

I also like to breathe some fresh air in the roof top and draw some writing inspiration from the calmness of air and whiteness of clouds.

I will write more blogs and share it to social media sites. I will also interact to other blogs and post my comments on what I read.

I will also pick one question in Quora and answer it as a blog.

I would love to catch more sleep and relax my body from my full time work.

This is also the time to contact friends and share stories about the week.

I hope that this visualization can help you write more for your own blog. As I became so inspired while writing this blog. Planning can be useless if you don’t take the action. You must aim for your goals and do what needs to be done.

I am excited to write more and also add more activities to my day. I like to learn new languages too as I want to write a blog someday using another language.

Remember that it always start as a dream.

It depends on you if you want to actively pursue it.

It may seem like a routine, a never ending sleeping, eating, working and blogging but still you need to inspire yourself wherever you are now in life.

Don’t let the days gone by. Live in the moment and share your experiences. Love those around you and be the light to those who needs you.

I would love to read how people plan for their blog posts. I want to learn from another person especially those who has spent years in blogging. Hopefully I can apply the process some are using that are helpful in planning a blog.

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