How much time per day do you spend writing content for your website?

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Writing for a blog can be tough when you are juggling full time job and taking care of yourself. You might be in a different situation and add taking care of a family of five.

You may have several roles in life.

You can be operating a business while fulfilling your dreams as a blogger. You can also be doing freelance works and write on your blog part time.

Situations may vary but what can boost the number of your posts is your discipline.

You might have your time on your hands but without discipline your eyes maybe diverted on some other things.

You might spend your time on other activities and lose the passion to write for your blog.

When it comes to writing, drafts is so important to me. When I read about something that can be turn into a blog, I wrote down the title of my idea in drafts for a blog post.

In one blog posts the time spent to write also varies. It may range from an hour to four hours depending on the depth of topic or the length of the blog.

To give you an idea, the longest time I spent on writing a blog post was 11 Blog Topics To Publish. There are a number of reasons why it took about four hours to complete this blog.

11 Blog Topics To Publish

1. Its a list type of blog

I want to include the topics that I will publish as precisely as I can. The thinking process of including each topic and making an agreement to myself that I will write about those topics in a span of one year consumed my time.

Coming up with a list of 11 topics isn’t an easy thing to do. You consider every little detail that comes with that list.

2. Writing the contents under the list

Writing the subtopics was one thing but writing paragraphs under it surely takes time.

When doing a blog in form of list, you are forced to think thoroughly what you are writing about.

You try to make the paragraphs under each list as related to the main topic as possible. You don’t want to confuse the readers on the messed up thoughts that might be floating in your mind that can reflect on any blog you write.

You make the blog in listed form to organize your ideas into easy to read format.

This listed form of blog can be very informative to the readers and they might notice that you take time to make your blog as useful as it is.

3. Picking the right pictures related to each point

Whenever I write a blog, I make sure to include a picture especially if it’s a listed type of blog like I am writing now. Picking up pictures can take some time. You want the picture to be relevant.

You also want the picture to express the ideas you might find to express through words.

Pictures can bring the meaning into your blog. It adds the colors to the words you write.

It’s a necessity for me to add those pictures in each blog posts I make. If I didn’t add photos in my blog it means that I might be going through something and my life isn’t as colorful as my blog.

It became a habit too to choose from various photos. It can bring out creativity in you. It can also be the way to improve your skills in editing picking up the right colors or texts when you try to edit some blog graphics.

I usually create one blog graphics in each of the blog I post. Not all of the published blogs have the blog graphics that I created but I am working on it to make one for each.

4. I have alot to say because planning gives you alot of thoughts to ponder

The blog post I wrote contains the planning of topics I desire to write about.

I try to plan about 31 blogs on each of the 11 topics. This becomes the reason too why I had so much to write and it took alot of time to do so.

Usually I free write, only edit words or phrases on a minimum. I love writing freely even if the grammar can be a cringe.

Continuously writing can give you a sense of not being able to make a full stop. You end up with alot of words.

5. I love writing about topics on Blogging

Why Do You Need a Blog?

When you love what you do, time seems inexistent. You might already be spending 30 minutes writing the content for your blog without noticing the clock. Like tonight, I started writing this blog at 10:20 and it’s now 10:50, exactly 30 minutes and I am not even picking the photos yet to finish this blog.

I had alot more to say as I love talking about this topic. When your passion align with what you are doing, no one can stop you from accomplishing it.

Being consistent in blogging also relates to how much love you associate with the writing that you do.

When you find the peace from writing, blogging becomes your outlet to constantly tap that peace you can felt while doing it.

6. You read what you write when you are close to publishing the blog

I am the biggest fan of my blogs, I read each post thrice before publishing it.

I don’t want to leave any gaps that would make the blog more meaningful.

I also love reading what I write. I love reading my works as much as I do the work for my blog.

This way can be a great practice to start self-love. You became caring about your own opinions and you care enough to read what you want to say.

It can take time to reach this point of being a fan of your own works. Most of the time people became their own worst critic. It can be you sometimes. It takes practice to learn how to love the blogs that you publish.

7. Editing how the blog will look like if someone will read it

You can see that I love making the list as a heading because it has a bigger font. I love to emphasize the points in the list of the blogs I made.

I also use spacers to separate each points even if they are all related to one main topic.

I also love to add some of the previous blogs I published to hopefully made the latest blog as informative as possible.

There are alot of editing to be made in each blog posts.

Most of the time I edit a blog days after publishing it. As I don’t have much time to spend on blogging during workdays.

You don’t want your blog to be full of misspelled words. I usually catch the misspellings at the time when I try to read my blog from linking it to my Pinterest post.

I might edit those misspellings right away or a day after.

It’s already past 11 pm now and this blog isn’t finished yet.

How much time per day do you spend writing content for your website?

Every Monday to Friday

I can spend about two hours writing on my blog. It means when it’s 10 pm I can write till 12 midnight and probably I can sleep after that.

There are days when I can’t write any longer than 30 minutes as I feel so sleepy or tired from a full day of work. I also had to spend time talking to my family as they are the best support system you can find.

When it’s Holidays

I can spend about four to eight hours blogging. I usually read books that I downloaded in my phone so I can’t write alot too as I also love reading.

During Saturdays and Sundays

I can write about 5 to 9 hours blogging. This might seem too short, while it can be too long for some. Either way I spend alot of time blogging during weekends as I can’t do that when I am working on weekdays.

I try to balance my life too by doing some self care routines on weekends. My weekdays can be a whole tiring scene that most people wouldn’t choose to live in. I look like I sleep with few hours especially working on my blog at night. My longest sleep on weekdays was 6 hours, the shortest can be 3 hours.

I also try to sleep during holidays and also during weekends.

My life seems a series of getting up, working and sleeping. Now that I am writing in this blog, the cycle was added an activity during workdays. Getting up, working, writing then sleeping. I prefer it that way.

This pandemic also became a difficult time to connect to friends and loved ones. I take time to reach out to my friends during weekends as obviously I don’t have time from Mondays to Fridays.

Catching up to stories they share means alot. It’s also essential to keep your friends close even if it’s impossible as it’s pandemic, talking to them over the phone or chatting in the Messenger can be a great way to still communicate.

It’s more than a month since I started blogging. I had alot of things to learn. I had too many ideas to apply on my blogging journey. I already connected to good friends who love sharing my blog links. I am grateful for the changes that I made for myself. I stopped looking back to the days that I don’t have a blog and I look forward to more posts that are awaiting to be published.

Overall I can spend a minimum of 13 hours in a week writing blog posts and about a maximum of 28 hours as I can.

These number of hours might be alot as I consider myself blogging part time. This might also be little as compare to people who have full time jobs that doesn’t suck their time.

No matter how long or short your time is for blogging, you must stay consistent with it. Write in your blog daily, it doesn’t mean you need to publish it right away. You can leave it in drafts and get back to it when you have the oozing inspiration to write.

Hopefully by midnight I can sleep well knowing that I published another blog and was closer to My Quest to Write 365 Blog Posts in One Year!

 Quest to Write 365 Blog Posts in One Year

As I want to write an answer to one question from Quora each week, this is it!

This is not a question directly asked to me, but rather a question I want to share my answer to.

It’s already 11:26 and close to midnight now. I will add some photos to this blog and share this to Twitter once I am done.

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  1. Your writing process is definitely more structured than mine! I guess I was always more of an organic writer, I didn’t even do much before writing process with my uni papers. But it’s definitely good to plan and to re-read as you do because it helps with creating better content. Plus, it can be fun.

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