What to do when people made you feel less than?

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People can intentionally or unintentionally make you feel less than them.

They can point out your mistakes and broadcast it to everyone around you. You may feel small and in need of some deep breathing techniques.

The motivational audios you listen to in the morning might be so distant when you face someone who makes you feel not enough.

1. Realize your worth

You are amazing in your own way. You study to finish your 4 long years in College and earned your degree. You work hard and wasn’t treating people bad. You are worthy and is capable of reaching great goals that you set for yourself.

Your worth doesn’t depend on what someone say about you. Your worth is the value you add to everyone’s life. If you are able to help those around you, care for those who need you and give your time for those who love you then you are already a valuable person.

Most often we thought that we need to please everyone. We are forcing someone to be for us when they are against us. When someone isn’t convince that you are worthy, you can’t change that. When everything that you do isn’t worthy for them, no amount of explanation can change how they look at it.

Don’t depend on someone to know that you are worthy. They might treat you as worthless no matter what you do for them.

Everyday can be tough when they make you feel worthless unintentionally or not. You can’t convince them to like you either.

This is the reason why everyday you must say good things about you.

You are capable. You are doing great. You are sincerely caring about the people around you. You are living intentionally. You are enough. You are able to reach your goals. You are worthy.

No matter what negative thoughts cross your mind because of the negative words spoken over you, you must realize your worth.

2. Take deep breaths

When you face situations that make you feel unequal to those around you, take those deep breaths. Whether you are standing up or sitting down try breathing deeply.

This action will calm you down. This can also prevent you from talking bad about those who make you feel so small.

You can breathe deeply in front of a mirror for maximum calmness.

You can watch your shoulders as it slightly rises and goes down as you inhale and exhale.

You can also change your position. You can sit up straight and start breathing deeply while counting the number of breathes you already make.

This deep breathing techniques can help you to focus on the number of breathes rather than on the negativity that people create around you.

Remember that you are capable of focusing on the great things in your life.

3. Doing things slowly

I blog about this previously,Slowing Down and Mindfulness.

Slowing Down and Mindfulness

You can slow down in taking those steps as you walk. Being intentional can mean taking your steps slowly than usual. It can mean eating slowly and taking in the moments that you experience.

When someone points out your mistakes, you can slowly talk about your reason why you made those errors. Being calm and compose can help you deal with facing your mistakes.

You must not be afraid to do something just because you might made another mistake. Human error is everywhere and you must continuously improve as you go along creating something daily.

4. Forgive those who also made a mistake

When people make a mistake that affects you, you might be mad at them and talk loud to them. You might try to point out the every little thing they do wrong.

After making a mistake, you can put yourself into the shoes of those who did wrong to you in the past. You can now easily forgive them as you know how you made them feel. It’s actually you should be that person who must ask forgiveness because you treat them in a bad way because of their mistakes.

Forgiving people can be tough at first. You rationalize that they must do the right actions but then they didn’t perform well. Forgiving people who made a mistake must be done as often and also include yourself in the list of those who you will forgive.

5. Be kind to yourself

This might be the advice you need to follow daily.

Treat yourself with kindness especially when you create the chaos from the mistakes you’ve made. Being kind to yourself takes practice.

Maybe you didn’t do things on time that you were supposed to do. Be kind to yourself. You didn’t get back to those you promised to call earlier. Be kind to yourself.

There are limitations to what you can do in a day. There are 24 hours in a day your sleep or the time to eat can’t be omitted.

Be kind to yourself even if others are not, cannot and wouldn’t be in this lifetime.

You are the one to take care of yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and don’t mind what people say about you.

6. Listen to songs

Listening to music can help you cope with the challenges. You can play those worship songs that can calm you down. You can also listen to latest songs and sing along with it.

Singing can relieve the tension you are in. Listening to songs can direct your focus from your problems towards the great art of music.

I prefer listening to songs that I don’t know the lyrics of. It can be a great way to not think about the negative words that people talk about you.

Listening to music can also make you relate to those who created it. The lyrics can be motivational and has its own story to tell.

7. Write about it

You can write a blog about how you cope with these situations of being treated as less than. You can freely express yourself and look at the situation on a different angle.

When you write about something, you are seeing the situation in a different light. It can help you to gain the right mindset on how to deal with it.

Writing can also relieve the emotions that you felt as you were made feel so little.

Writing can also help those who are reading your works. It can give ideas to people who were made feel the same.

You can also write about it in a personal space as you don’t want to share it to other people. This is truly okay as you can write about it privately.

If you are comfortable sharing your words to people who might need to read what you write, do that. You might uplift someone today. You might encourage someone who is at rock bottom. You can also motivate yourself in the process of writing it out.

People can point out that you are wearing the wrong type of outfit. They might say that your clothes doesn’t fit you. They might recommend to you to eat more as you lack a desirable weight. They might point out that you must do something in a right way. They might tell you that you lack in one area over and over and more times than you can count in a day.

This might be so discouraging and at times you might think the same way as they made you feel.

But what they say about you is not necessarily your reality.

You might not be as good as you can be but definitely you are enough. Don’t let people to affect the way you see yourself. You are worthy and capable of doing great works!

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