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Writing can be a great activity to record your thoughts.

As I pay attention on every little thing that I do in a day, I notice that I write less.

Being mindful has turned my thoughts to a full stop.

I don’t think or worry about any problem..

My mind is at peace.

I also had less to write as I don’t think too much as I did before. I am contented and embrace the reality that I don’t have too much to write about because I don’t think about anything at all.

I learned to breathe deeply and do things as slowly as I can. I also wrote this blog using a black pen and notebook. I wrote each word slowly and enjoyed doing so.

I am more relaxed and joyful. I can’t say that is is what people call a “writer’s block”. I prefer to call this as absolute mindfulness. I am no longer on autopilot. I pay attention on how I walk, talk, eat, write and every routine in my daily life.

My mind is also blank. I lack thoughts to ponder on. Unlike the racing negative self talk I engage in years and months ago, my mind is with zero negative self talk.

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