Slowing down and Mindfulness


Recently I had the pain in my knees. After a few days, the pain was felt all over my body.

This might be fatigue due to working for 12 hours or more in 5 days a week.

The muscles doesn’t get enough rest or my body was tired.

Without these pains, I wouldn’t think of slowing down.

At work, there are several reports to finish. There are deadlines to meet and this can be the reason why I was on fight or flight mode all the time.

I am doing my best to accomplish the reports on time and also as fast as I can.

But then with this pain that demands to be felt, I was forced to step back and see the other way.

I can accomplish tasks by being mindful. I can do things slowly but mindfully. I can still meet the deadlines and the perks of slowing down is a clean surrounding. You are being organized because you pay attention on yourself as well as on the environment you are in.

Unlike doing things fast, you are only focused on what you are doing. You don’t mind the clutter around you.

If you do things slowly, the small details was given attention and you can’t help but clean all the mess around you. You become focused on yourself, how you are feeling and the work you are doing, how you are achieving the goals.

Let’s make a list on how I slow things down to improve my physical health.

1. Take one step at a time.

This is literally what I did!

Currently I am living in a room located in the second floor. The way upstairs is long. Before I had these knee pains, I would climb upstairs in just a matter of seconds. I do not pay attention in how my body reacts to the long way up.

But these days, I take one step after another. I slowly took those steps taking in each moment as victory!

This experience is a wake up call that I need to pay attention to my health.

2. Slowly drink water

I usually drink water as fast as I can. I was so consumed with the things I need to get done and I see anything else as a form to waste time.

But the pain all over me screams to take care of my health. This is why I tried my best to hydrate.

I drink water in a slow manner now. Paying attention on my actions and being grateful for the clean water I drink everytime.

3. Slowly stretch my body in the morning

I wasn’t going to run anytime soon. The routine that I do in the morning is some stretches. I do motions to relieve any tension in my muscles.

These slow stretches brings a great feeling.

I need to do these daily stretches as I feel better whenever I move my body.

4. Paying attention on how I sit.

Most of the time I won’t slow down because I have alot of things to do. But this time I need to slow down to minimize the pain in my knees and hips.

I pay attention on how long I sit down. I also change the way I sit. I tried my relax my body while sitting.

I also stand up whenever I have been sitting for almost an hour. This is the time I can also take a short break to drink some water and stay hydrated.

5. Do not carry heavy objects.

At work, I always carry heavy boxes. I don’t mind doing that as I don’t feel any pain. But this time with ng whole body aching, I choose not to carry any heavy object.

This can be the best tip when you have a body pain. Avoid carrying anything heavy.

6. Breathe in and out slowly

Taking a deep inhale is a great start to take things slowly. It can also be good to breathe in and out slowly.

Breathe in the positive thoughts and breathe out the negative thoughts.

I am grateful to take these slow pattern of breathing. It can also help me to focus on what’s ahead of me.

7. Listen to great music

Slowing down your life can be challenging. You are doing things that is not in a normal pace as everyone does.

Music can help you to realize that not all done at a fast pace is the best.

You can try to listen in a slow lyrical music. You can also listen to some slow piano music. There are alot to choose from when it comes to musical genre.

Use this music to start your day with a positive outlook!

These sums up my list on how I can continuously improve my health by taking the slower pace.

What are the other activities that you can add to the list above?

Which activity would you replace? Which activity doesn’t add value to your life?

I am grateful that I set aside a time of my day to slowly write this blog!

4 comments on “Slowing down and Mindfulness”

  1. Thank you. I am feeling rather peaceful after reading your piece 🧘‍♀️

    This sounds silly, but it was suggested to me to brush my teeth mindfully before bed. Not to stress, not to worry about things that the day didn’t bring, just focus on the feeling, taste, and smell of the process. I find it relaxing🌺

    Liked by 1 person

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