How to blog while working full time?


It can be painful to blog while working full time. It’s physical pain mostly.

The time of your day is spent on your job. There are only a few breaks, because tremendous papers are ahead of you. You know that transactions must be done and the perks of the full hour lunch is so distant.

You can’t afford to respond to the comments in your blog right away because you know you have a very limited time. You want to respond to comments once you have the abundant time to read it thoroughly. You don’t want to respond to anyone half heartedly.

This is also the reason why I will need to make a complete weekly schedule for the activities I will do in this blog.

I will surely respond to comments every Saturday and during holidays.

If I don’t plan well, I know I will not be able to do the things I really want to accomplish in my day.

I want to include blogging in my daily life. It’s a means to express myself in other ways than working all day.

Working more hours than average has been the norm for me. It’s been a necessity because of too much work to do.

It’s draining me physically but I need to stay doing my work. I am blessed to still be in a stable work despite the happenings in our economy.

I want to make a list of activities that can help me to put blog in my day while working full time.

1. Exercise in the morning.

Taking a walk around the corner of the street is a necessity. I need to walk because I had a work that is mostly around sitting in a computer.

I need to stay active and also catch some sunlight.

Walking can also give me an inspiration to blog about something that catches my attention.

Exercising boosts energy and gives you the space to come up with new ideas.

2. Read

I like to read inspirational tweets, blogs, stories or any motivational content.

I need to read these kind of posts so that I can keep the positive energy throughout my day.

The intensity of the full time job should be combined with a relaxing activity like reading.

3. Picking photos to include in my blog post.

I love adding pictures in almost all my blog posts. The pictures add the color to the words. It can also expand the thoughts that the word wants to connect to the readers.

I also love choosing which pictures that I thought would match the blog.

I replace the pictures when I thought that it doesn’t relate to the whole post.

It’s one of the activities I look forward to before publishing the blog.

4. Share the blog via links to Twitter, photos to Instagram and Pinterest.

With a full time job, the least thing I can do is to post something in social media.

I can use some mobile apps to post automatically for me especially when I am at work.

I can also post some tweets when I finished writing my blog for the night.

I usually write blogs starting 10pm onwards during weekdays. I have lesser interactions in twitter during workdays, that’s why whenever I finish writing I primarily share it to Twitter.

5. List the blog titles to write about for the next day.

I love writing blog titles first. I have about 36 titles already written, it’s mostly related about finance and blogging.

These titles can save you whenever you encounter the times you don’t have the inspiration you need to write.

Having a list also makes writing easy. You know the direction to take. You won’t feel lost while writing the contents of your blog.

6. Sleep

You need to rest after a whole day of work.

Blogging can be an entertaining activity for you but still you need to rest and get those hours of sleep.

Your head might be aching from all the problems you encountered and tried to solve at work.

Breathe deeply and slowly feel the need to sleep.

Don’t worry about anything. Sleep well and start from number 1 the next morning!

Did you enjoy blogging?

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7 comments on “How to blog while working full time?”

    1. I agree! Being consistent can be the key to post more blogs, write more and learn alot from it. It takes discipline to be consistent and you can watch your progress as long as you stay on course.


    1. Yes, some days I would skip writing a whole blog, other days I’ll just write a title or few paragraphs. I usually write more every weekends and was able to interact on Holidays and Saturdays. What’s important is we make time for blogging as we gain benefits from doing it consistently.

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