Don’t Stop Writing

Don't Stop Writing

Sometimes it’s a need to continue doing something so that you wouldn’t be doing something you’ll regret later.

The same thing can go with writing.

There might be a need for you to continuously write because if you wouldn’t do that, you’ll end up regretting your wasted time.

The past experiences you had might be hunting you.

If you sit idle in a couch on a Sunday Morning you might end up dwelling on the past experiences you had whether it’s been already 7 years ago or just a month.

Getting back to where you used to be might be tempting. Settling on something you were familiar with might be attractive.

You can’t afford to lose your progress by keeping the records of your past.

You can’t afford to stop writing, because when you do, all the negative thoughts might flood your mind all at once.

Don’t stop writing even when you don’t feel like writing.

You might be feeling overwhelmed with these negative thoughts, but it will surely go away once you start writing your thoughts down.

You can stop walking in the darkness through focusing on the light.

Your past doesn’t need to be carried as a baggage in your present.

You have one life to live, you should use it well.

One thing great about writing is that you can write freely. You don’t need to organize everything that comes into your mind. You can write what’s on your mind and let your past memories vanish as you focus on other things.

Don’t lose your progress by dwelling on your past mistakes.

Don’t stop writing.

Don’t start something you don’t want to go back to.

Don’t look back because there is nothing.

If you look back, a part of you will die.

You will constantly think about the lost chances. You will want to cherish the little hope. But all these will lead to your downfall.

Don’t look back on the past as you can’t live your present if your mind is locked in that cycle.

You need to set yourself free from the unhappy moments you had. Free from the unhealthy thoughts you’ve been through. Free from all the sufferings you keep embracing till this day.

No one can help you if you keep yourself stuck in your past. All the limitations you’ve put yourself on can’t be cut by another person. Only you can free yourself from these self inflicted limitations.

Don’t waste your time thinking about what might be.

Don’t think about what might be happening now if you didn’t make the choices you had. Don’t question your decision. Don’t entertain self doubt.

Don’t hold on to the possibilities of a better present.

Wasting time on creating the present based on your past is useless. You must face whatever present situation you have now.

Don’t let your past be an influence in your present decisions.

You should let go of all the past you had and face your present moment.

You can’t grasp time and turn it around to change certain decisions. You can only control what mindset you have today.

You can’t wish on something to get it undone.

Be courageous and let your past be a distant memory.

It is a part of you but doesn’t affect you anymore. All the negativity in the past are all gone.

You are to live this present moment.

Don’t let your future be lost by spending your present looking back in your past.

You can’t go into your destination if you keep looking back in the road you took. You must look ahead at this present moment.

You can’t lose what you are working on just because you would want to spend another 5 minutes in your past.

You can’t go back in those days. Your present self don’t want to go back either.

You can’t glue every remnants and think that you are complete after everything.

Value what you have today.

You might be working in your own progress and doesn’t see significant growth. Stay on your path and improve your skills each day. One percent improvement every single time.

You can do it. Encourage yourself that your past is gone and your present is here.

Don’t sabotage your growth.

Don’t sabotage yourself every time you see success in your goals.

Don’t be your own critic. Don’t be your own downfall. It doesn’t help to minimize your progress so that you won’t shine.

You are capable. You are enough. You are blessed to be a an inspiration to anyone who needs you.

Don’t let yourself ruin your own progress.

Don’t sabotage your wins in life.

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