11 Blog Topics To Publish

11 Blog Topics To Publish

As a beginner blogger, I listed the blog topics that I want to write about.

1. Books

I always write a summary of any book that I finished reading. It would be great to share what I learned and also recommend some of the really helpful ones.

I am reading a financial related ebook since last February and I wanted to finish reading it this month.

2. Fitness

Fitness and exercise are vital for a great health. I would love to write about running.

I also like to emphasize the benefits we can get from our exercise habits. Through writing a blog about it, I will also renew my interest on doing the exercise and staying as fit and healthy as I can.

3. Blogging

It is awesome to write from Day 1 and the progress I have made each month.

I spend time writing and organizing the ideas into sentences and paragraphs to make a blog post.

It’s so amazing to be able to publish a collection of words that is put up as a blog.

I already published about blogging tips. I am happy to share these tips and influencing the lives of other new bloggers!

4. Music

I love to write while listening to background music.

Like writing about reading recommendations, I can also share the music that can bring inspiration. Music like artwork has its own story to tell and sharing this story to the readers in this blog is also a great way to connect!

5. Movies

Every week, I make sure to watch at least one good movie.

I could share my reflections on one of the lines that struck me while watching a movie.

You can learn from the characters that are portrayed in these good old movies.

6. Language

I want to share short lessons I learned each day. I will learn about basic greetings in different languages. It would be exciting to know how to pronounce a new language.

There are different applications to choose from to learn these basic words in a different language. I like to share more about it in my next posts.

7. Personal Finance

As you can see in my published blogs, I discuss alot about saving and investing. I like to write more about it in my blog.

I already prepared 31 blog titles about this topic. I love to talk about money and this blog gives me the platform to do that.

8. Personal Development

Overall lifestyle changes for the better. There are a lot of ways to keep our minds and body healthy and happy. Sometimes it’s a leap of faith other times it’s just getting things done.

Blogging about personal development can help me to track my own progress.

9. Travel

This pandemic has put several travel restrictions around the globe. It would be nice to put up some blog about travel destinations.

I could look forward to these places to visit once restrictions are lifted. Hopefully, the world pace had gone back to it’s slightly normal cycle after putting up a numerous blog related to travel.

10. Social Media

Social media is vital part in marketing blogs. This is the reason why I want to write separate topic on Blogging and the use of social media.

I love to share my blog to other people and maximizing the use and effect of social media in my blog is worth writing about.

11. Other Random Topics

I want to add this as one of the eleven topics. There will be times that I want to blog about something that cross my mind that is not in the range of the previous ten topics listed above.

This should be the space for the random topics that I want to blog and publish.

Blogging attracts a wide variety of people.

Some are interested to blog to put their time to productive use while others treat their blogs as an online business where they can earn money.

There are those who use blogging as an outlet towards expressing their creativity and endless potential.

I could say that I love to write my thoughts freely. I came up with these Blog Topics and I am looking forward to write 31 blog post in each.

It has been about 6 weeks since I publish my first blog. I also published exactly 24 blog post since then. I made my first blog to be A Quest to Write 365 Blog Posts in One Year.

I truly want to succeed in that quest and post meaningful blogs. When you deduct 24 from 365, you will get 341! And when you divide 341 with 11 you will get 31!

This is exactly why I want to post an average of 31 blog post on each of the 11 topics I listed. Now we all know that there is Math behind that number!

The topics are rather broad. I need to take it easy. As I go along each topic, I hope the ideas I would like to communicate will connect thoroughly to the readers. And each person will have a happy time reading as happy as I was writing each post.

By the way, as I publish this post, I only need to write 30 blogs under the topic of Blogging.

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts in the comments section.

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