Why Do I Read More?


1. Reading more can improve my reading speed.

I know that there are some techniques that can be applied to be quick in reading but I enjoy the pace I have right now. I know that my reading speed will improve with practice.

2. Reading more lead me to write.

When you read alot, you have this tendency to share it to anyone willing to read what is on your mind that is put out there in your blog.

You have this vast number of words awaiting to be published and you can’t stop yourself from typing out those words. You have too much energy that must be put in good use through your creative works like blogs or editing some infographics.

You know what to do when you don’t know what to write, read more!

3. Reading more gives me the information that I need.

I read more about finance, motivational blogs, and writing tips that is free to be read and easy to understand.

4. Reading more helps me to be productive.

If I did copy and paste all the words I read in the span of one month, I know it can be binded in a thick book. Reading alot pushes me to get things done. It opens up the experiences of people who I can relate to and gives me the sense to act and seize the day.

5. Reading more helps me to stay focused.

Reading a book is a great way to shift my focus from any negative thoughts. Through reading, the mind can focus on the words and sentences and be consumed into the thoughts conveyed by the author.

6. Reading more transformed my life.

I gained alot from reading. It transformed me into who I am today. I am noticing these changes as I am continuously growing together with this blog.

My perspectives today are so different from one month ago. I have this mind shifted to a new direction and I am so happy that I am improving day by day.

I can’t count how many articles, blogs, and words I read since last month.

I like reading different comments of people on blogs posted by other people. I even respond to their comments even though I am not the author of those blogs. I also love to read comments on my own blog!

I read more to be updated on current events especially with the pandemic and the effects it has on our economy.

I love to read the prices in the brokerage account I opened and what stocks I can buy as the prices are going down again this month.

I also read about different recipes of desserts from food blogs, enjoyed the beautiful views on travel blogs and learned alot about search engine optimization on blogging related sites.

There are times that I felt that I am reading way too much and maybe I should stop reading. But I can’t really stop reading after writing a blog post.

Instead of writing more, I tend to read more. I always read what I write and I love the way I change some words after publishing my blog. I also like changing titles and pictures that I accompanied in my post.

In each post I make I probably read it thrice: before publishing, after publishing and another read after republishing. I am surprised whenever I still see some incomplete words after the third time I read it. I still overlook things in my blog.

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