Holy Week, A time to Reflect

Holy Week, A Time To Reflect

Most of us lead a busy life. We go on non stop with our day the moment we wake up.

You can’t even stare at yourself in the mirror because you could be running late in your job in a Monday morning.

Productivity at work was given emphasis on the monthly meetings. When your work hours is over you will go home and do house chores. There is a constant set of activities that needed to get done. You can cook for yourself or for the family, do some laundry, wash the dishes, clean the floor and endless set of chores.

A time to reflect has been lost in the picture.

There is time for everything. We have been thought about it since we were in grade school. There is time to eat, play, study, watch movies, rest, and any activity you might add.

We have the right to choose the activities we want to do in our daily life.

We are reminded to take time to reflect this Holy Week. It is a special week each year to stop from working on anything you are doing and connect to your spirituality. You may add praying in your activity that you might forgot about when you are so busy with working. Reflecting on where you are currently in life and how you can help people around you can be a fruitful activity this Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday are the days that we can rest and reflect on our life.

Here is the list of what I will do this Holy Week!

1. Sit in silence.

Having a job that has long work hours doesn’t give the opportunity to sit in silence and bask in to the calmness of inner peace. Having a moment to reflect on areas I can improve on can be a good use of my time resting this Holy Week.

It can also be a start of having the routine to meditate for some good minutes daily.

2. Write more.

I have a limited time daily because of responsibilities at work. I have lesser moments to write something for my blog. This Holy Week can be a great time to write more and put my reflections into a blog like what I am doing now.

I can also edit more blog graphics as I am also amazed on how good it turns out.

3. Give More.

I had a dream last night about giving to the less fortunate. This Holy Week reminds us of giving back to the community and sharing the blessings we have received over the years. Helping out those in need financially can be a great start. You can also devote your time to reach out to people in need of someone to talk to with their problems.

You can give what you have and see how it can have an effect to those you care about.

4. Heal.

If you are dealing with emotional pain or a physical pain, this Holy Week is the best time to start the healing process.

Recently I got a painful knee. I don’t know what happened but suddenly it feels like giving out. Holy Week gives me the rest I need to elevate my knee and rest fully.

The physical pain can be unbearable and having the time to rest is a blessing already.

Embrace the process of healing even if it means not doing anything. You need the rest and sleep to recover from the emotional and physical pain you might be going through right now.

5. Read

I need to read more to be knowledgeable on the things I want to buy. I like investing and reading books about finance gives me the knowledge I need.

This Holy Week, I like to finish reading the book that I started since February! It’s about accumulating wealth and spending your resources wisely. I read it on my way to work and during weekends while waiting on the grocery queue.

It’s an ebook and is easy to read anytime. I also like to start reading some of the ebooks I downloaded since January! It’s all about finance and trading in the stock market.

Aside from investing books, I also like to read something about religion since it’s high time for a Holy Week. I like to read more about the Passion of Christ. I might also search an ebook about inner calmness and anything related to meditations.

6. Cook and make some dessert.

Living away from my family because of being assigned to a far place for work lead me to cook for myself because no one else will.

Cooking can be a great activity especially if you are tired from work. It can be your saving grace to have the energy you need to feel like you are still living. It takes away your mind from your busy life and gives you focus on making your meals.

I like to make some dessert this Holy Week. I would love to make fruit salad and also cook spaghetti. I also like to cook some of the meals for my family as we are all together at home this Holy Week.

7. Watch movies

I watch movies every weekend. I like to watch movies as I guess about the next thing that will happen in the story. Most often I’m right about the sequence of the movie.

Movies can be great eye opener that your life is only a dust in the wind. And the world doesn’t revolve around your life and care about your problems.

People have their different lives to live on daily and watching movies can help you realize that.

Movies can help you realize that problems will come and go and everything will pass.

I will stop adding to this list as it’s already alot of activities to do for this Holy Week.

I will try to rest more and definitely do the activities I listed above. Thank you for spending your time reading what I write. I love to share more blogs this week and hopefully you can share it to your loved ones!

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