When You Have Physical Flaws and You Don’t Like It Being Noticed.

When You Have Physical Flaws and You Don't Like it Being Noticed

Physical flaws can be anything from your undesired height, weight or it can be skin color. It can be your body form, texture of your hair, uneven skin tone or dislocated bone.

You can feel unhappy with body features you have. You can’t fully appreciate your blessings (body and mind) when you are disappointed in some parts of it.

Whenever someone points out that I don’t have great feature in a specific area, or notice something odd in my physical body I still end up needing to take some time to breathe in and out. Some people can make you feel like you are not normal just because you don’t have the right features in your body. You don’t have the right weight, height, skin tone, hair color, proportional body size or normal body form.

They can make you feel like you need some air to breathe well. This can be intentional that they want to make you feel like not so normal person because of these physical flaws that they see in you. This can also be unintentional, they just want to know why you look the way you are. Or this can be just being their real self, like they can’t hold their mouth shut and would randomly tell you about the things they notice in the way you look.

Whatever their reason is, their actions will have maximum effects on you or less to none depending on how you let their words define you.

People have their own set of opinions about you. You can’t control what they can think about the way you look.

We have our own set of judgment about the whole being of the person in front of us. Often we don’t consider how we make them feel about themselves.

Most of the time people don’t realize the effects they have on another person. They just go on with their own life not knowing that they already hurt someone’s feelings or crushed someone’s confidence.

When someone points out the odd features you have all over your body, it can be a hit in your self esteem.

You may try to be in front of the mirror and see if that abnormality that someone pointed out to you was valid. Most often they are giving you cold facts and your confidence about the way you look will be all time low.

You will try to sit down and think about the many people who had previously pointed out these facts to you. And one thing about having physical flaws is most of the time you can’t change it! It’s how you were created so you can’t alter anything major about it. Unless if you are willing to go in an operation that can serve you in the fast lane of death.

Correcting your physical flaws can be a matter of life and death while undergoing a major surgery or operation.

You are hurt physically, mentally and also emotionally with the words spoken over you. Most of the time you can’t change a bit about any of your major physical flaws. Here is what you can do and think about it.

1. You must accept your flaws.

Whenever someone points out anything about my body, I still deny about it till this day. I can’t say out loud that yeah I have this imperfection and you can clearly see it. Most of the time I will choose to deny it saying that it’s perfectly fine.

The one thing I need to work on is accepting myself. I need to accept my imperfect body and embrace myself fully.

I need to accept my flaws and let go of the negative thoughts I attach to it.

2. You must know that you can’t change your body.

Naturally you can’t change your body in exchange for another because you got tired of hearing about your imperfections. You can’t control what features you will get when you were born. You can’t also change your face magically because you don’t want it anymore. Of course surgeries can be there but still you can’t change yourself 100%.

You can’t make yourself as perfect as desired or expected to be by other people. You can’t buy yourself another body to transfer your soul. You can only work on with your self and accept the fact that you can’t change your body.

3. You must be thankful for what you have right now.

There is only one life you can live. When it ends, all your joys, miseries, celebrations, sufferings and happiness will all be going in the grave with you. The imperfections you have today will be a useless remark in old age. You must be thankful for the body, mind and soul that you have. These three are truly your wealth.

Just because people don’t like certain body features doesn’t mean that your body isn’t a blessing.

Be thankful no matter how you look or turns out to be.

You can’t control anyone to stop noticing your flaws. You can only be in control on how you react to their words about you. You are the best version of you, you don’t need to change a thing as it is what you are meant to look like. You don’t need to be so conscious and be nervous that someone will point their fingers on some of the irregularities in your body.

And if you see someone with an uneven eyes, you can stop yourself from pointing them out. They have live their whole life protecting themselves from people who mindlessly say what they see. Be sensitive enough to know when is the right time to speak a word. Their uneven eyes doesn’t need to be brought up and broadcasted to more people. Let yourself focus on their great features and tell them about it instead. Lift someone’s spirit rather than bring down their confidence.

7 comments on “When You Have Physical Flaws and You Don’t Like It Being Noticed.”

  1. What a great message to put on the blogosphere. In the end acceptance is a powerful thing, and so is gratitude, and while hard to practise, they sure do have transformative powers. Thanks for this!

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  2. I agree with Stuart… Great message! Additionally, I have made a habit of not talking about my perceived flaws in front of other women. I’ve noticed that every vocalized insecurity about ourselves causes someone else to question that particular attribute in their own body. It took me way to long to notice that it has a ripple effect 🌺

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