How to Not Take Things Personally?

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How To Not Take Things Personally?

There will be times that people will give their opinions on how you do certain things. They will point out the way you look or how you carry yourself. Some will manage to give their comments on the clothes you wear.

These opinions can be good or unnecessary, depending on your relationship with the one who is giving them.

It might be tough to ignore these unsolicited comments. It can also add to the difficulty if the person telling you these words were closest to you.

Do you enjoy receiving any kind of opinion on everything?

In my case, I hate discouraging effects of the opinions that is given to me. I don’t enjoy being told about how I don’t do certain things the way I should.

Most people do not have enough empathy. They don’t try to understand someone’s situation and only focus on how your actions can benefit them. People also don’t try to put themselves on your situation and think what it’s like for you.

Because of selfishness, people don’t try to understand your problems, the challenges you have to face and the pains you need to endure.

If you will attempt to speak up someone might stop you in the middle. If you actually tried to speak out about the challenges you are facing, you will not be heard and most likely you will only be despised.

When you face these kind of situation, what you can control is how you react.

You must not take anything personally. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, don’t take things to your heart. It will only be difficult to forgive anyone if you take all these situations personally.

How to Not Take Things Personally?

1. Realize that people are going through tough times.

Everyone has their own journey. Each face their own fears, struggles, and joys. People have their share of tough days too. You need to know that people has their own version of defense mechanism. If they can’t show their true self to someone because they think they lack authority, they might show their not so bright version to you.

It can be a great stress reliever to them, to be able to criticize you because they can’t do that to another person.

You can accept that not all people can like you. You don’t need their approval to be able to feel great about yourself. You can only know that these people might be going through their own challenges and they can’t deal with you at their best in this moment.

You don’t need to dwell on how unfair they are treating you. You need to focus on yourself and your own journey. They are undergoing difficult situations too. You need to be more understanding and give them the benefit of the doubt.

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2. Nothing last forever and you need to let go of the negative remarks.

It might be that someone commented on how unflawless your face is. Or maybe how you can’t do a certain work in just 5 minutes. These negative remarks are just their ideas, you need to let all those go. You don’t need to grab each idea and include it to your train of thoughts.

Letting go can mean giving yourself permission to let the remarks pass from your one ear out to the other. People will be pissed off when you do that because most crave for your attention. You need to live well and be unaffected by the negative remarks that someone willingly give you anytime.

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3. Show respect no matter what.

You need to be respectful even if someone shows you their bad attitude. It’s also a big respect to yourself if you can still be courteous to someone who doesn’t accept your reasons.

By being respectful, you are reminding yourself that it is only their opinion and not necessarily the way things were for you.

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4. Take a run.

Running can be a great exercise for you. It can help you to be energetic to conquer anything as you run.

It’s a great way to stay in shape while also organizing your thoughts.

I often run to clear my head. After about 30-45 minutes of running/ jogging and walking I have a clean thought cycle once again.

5. Declutter

Having a clean environment can also help you to not take any remarks to your heart.

An organized room can be the one right thing in your life. There is a powerful feeling when you know you will go home in a clean room.

A clean place also can give you clear insight about not taking any negative baggage in your life.

6. Sleep

A long and good night sleep is important so that you can tackle your challenges well.

You can take some naps in the morning or in the afternoon. You need to pile some hours of sleep so that you can function well.

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7. Make some delicious dessert!

People who say bad things about you doesn’t really think about how those words will make you feel. So don’t give those negativity any time of your day. Make yourself some delicious treat. Crush some ice and make something sweet.

Life is sweet. Have a great day and don’t mind the critics around you. Let yourself live and enjoy your day!

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