How to Not Compare Yourself To Anyone?


1. Live your life in your own terms

Don’t let time to pass by. Conquer your fears and do what you thought you can’t do. Start your own blog. Put up your dream business. Do your job and excel in your career. Pick up on your hobbies and do what makes you passionate. Try different things each day. Paint, write, read, run, exercise, edit videos, take photos and do the activities you wish to do.

Your life is long to do great works and enjoy the bond you have with people you care for.

2. See yourself in the mirror

When You Have Physical Flaws and You Don't Like It Being Noticed
When You Have Physical Flaws and You Don’t Like It Being Noticed

Your face has imperfections, your body has its flaws and your life can be a rollercoaster full of downs.

Look at yourself in the mirror. You are a blessing to your family. Your friends are happy to bond and share their life with you.

You are talented and got what it takes to achieve the dreams you are praying about.

See your eyes and deeply connect with the inner peace you had in you.

3. Stretch your body

You might feel some stiffness in your neck because of unwelcomed thoughts of being lesser than someone.

I believe that physical exercise can help you feel relaxed. It takes away the uneasy feeling all throughout your body. Jogging in the morning and stretching under the sun is a good habit to add in your life.

4. Write something

You can write a whole blog about it like what I am doing.

Or you can just write something in your notebook like, “you are a blessing”, “great things will happen to me” or any positive thoughts that you want to add in your cycle of thinking for the day.

Start writing and you will feel great about it.

5. Drink some coconut juice, tea or milk

Calming tea can help you to have better thoughts. Coconut juice can replenish and rehydrate you. Milk can help you sleep well. You can choose your favorite drink as long as it can bring nutrition and replenish your energy to face obstacles in your day.

6. Cook your own food

I enjoy cooking my own food. It taste so good when I am the one cooking. Taking good care of yourself also helps you to feel better when you face challenges. You should be responsible and do your best in everything you do.

Doing something you enjoy can be a good start to feel that you don’t owe anyone anything. You owe it to yourself to create the life you dream about.

7. Encourage someone

This has been my goal throughout the years. It makes me happy to encourage someone. I know that it’s hard to be of good cheer if you are going through difficulties. To become an inspiration or part of the journey of someone to climb from despair can be one of my mission.

I like to influence people to grow financially as well as be a motivational source to anyone in need.

8. Focus on your purpose.

You are at work to work. You are given a job to perform. Do your job well, don’t engage in gossips, and let your work speak for yourself. The judgment of anyone isn’t gonna help you reach your potentials. Encourage yourself to always do the right things. Work when it’s time to work. Do what you need to do when it’s time for you to do something for your dreams and purpose.

Something to Reflect on

When there is a rating of performance at work, it’s mandatory that the management will give you a rating. It’s might be that you are on the lowest, average or the highest grade.

Before the pandemic, the schools also had the season of giving grades through report cards.

In workplace, you might receive your rating along with the contract of the task that are expected from you to perform throughout the year.

If you are like me who flunk their way in some subjects in College, you wouldn’t be bothered by receiving a seemingly low passing grade.

You might feel that you are giving your all by studying the chapters in a book but when you take the major exams, you barely get the right answers in a multiple choice questions.

The same feeling can be felt at work. You might feel that you are working hard but when you see the ratings you had, you barely get the points in the rating of key areas in your year’s performance.

You may wonder if the late nights spent at the office is useless and doesn’t help you get a higher rating. You might want to know where you lack or what you could have done to have a better grade in your performance rating.

Thinking about the negative thoughts above wouldn’t help you to be happy while working.

You don’t need to find the reason why your grade sucks. You don’t need to change a thing in your performance instead you need to re-establish your perspective!

You are giving your time for your work. You don’t need to please your boss to give you a higher grade. You only need to work well and stop caring about the opinion of others. You put your effort in work, it’s valuable and significantly helpful to the people around you. You are worthy and enough to perform the tasks at hand.

If people say otherwise, that’s their own take on your performance.

You are your own person. They have their own individuality. You cannot force into someone to think about how well you are doing in a particular task. You only need to focus on yourself and how you can effectively use your time.

There is no need to second guess yourself. You don’t need people to make you think that you are not doing anything worthwhile. Do not engage in a discouraging conversation with people.

You have your own timeline in life. You maybe unemployed now but two years later you will find your dream job. You might be working from 8am-10pm daily with few breaks now but years later you might find a great opportunity elsewhere that is only 9am-3pm work and pays you triple than the previous work.

Your fate isn’t determined by your rate.

Ratings are there to remind you that you are not perfect. And even ratings are not perfect! They are very unreliable if you think well about it. It doesn’t measure anything about you as a person. You are the one who knows yourself more than anybody else, so why do you let someone else through their ratings of your performance to make you think of yourself as the way they describe you?

If you see the high grades of your co-workers, would you think that you are not equal to them? Would you think that you didn’t do your job as well as they did theirs?

Do not compare the ratings that you receive with others, you will only feel disappointed because most likely they are higher than yours!

But seriously, you shouldn’t let yourself think that you are not performing well just because someone was given a higher grade than you. Your efforts weren’t reduced because someone has put in greater effort than you do as the ratings to you imply.

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  1. I love the fresh, positive outlook this gives off right now – because we all know we need it! I’ve found that going for a walk instead of binging a TV series makes me feel more worthy of my time spent.

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