When Nothing Goes On Your Way and You Feel Lost in Life


There are many challenges you could face throughout your life. A job could be pack with problems that you need to solve daily.

People around you might not be as helpful as they can be, even waste your time by giving you wrong data intentionally or not.

It can be toxic relationship and environment.

You can solve a problem yet another one might rise up the same day.

Nothing is going right and you can’t breathe with all the negativity.

It is a series of problems and solutions, the only constant is you.

All you can do is keep doing the right things in your own perspective.

It can be overwhelming and you can overslept. There can be times that you don’t really know what you can do and the next steps seems gone.

When You Feel Lost in Life

Feeling lost can mean that you don’t know why you are still living or having no path to follow.

You are undecided and don’t have a destination. You don’t recognize your value and everything seems pointless. You lack reason on why you do things. You can’t determine the next steps to take.

You should realize that everything has valleys. In the stock market, the prices are changing daily. There will be factors in why these prices are falling down in specific periods. You can have paper gain on your portfolio but you never know what tomorrow could bring with the stocks you bought today.

When the market is at it’s low point, you can think about holding on to your investments and expect that the market will go up.

Try to apply this in your life when you are at rock bottom. Always remind yourself that there will be great returns and a brighter future in the long term.

Investing for longer than 5 years is popular because it has lesser risk due to time exposure in the market.

Life can be seen as a long term investment too. Your failures in life are short term bumps on your way to success.

Failures are situations where you can learn on what not to invest in. I have learned alot in situations that society can define as failures. When you have been through the downs in life, you expand the possibilities that help you reach great potentials.

The difficulties can help you become the person who has the ability to reach the dreams of a better life. The hardships may fade in your memories as years pass but an improved version of you will rise.

Something to Remember

Work can be tough. A job can be full of problems that needed to be solved within set time limit.

You are the one solving a problem and analyzing the situation. The problems vary, the given amounts may differ but you are still the one trying to solve it no matter what is given.

You may be having a rough, tough, bad day but still you can’t change that you are the one responsible of solving problems.

Being mad about the people who isn’t as helpful as they can be can’t solve a tiny part of your problem. Letting your emotions go out of control wouldn’t give you an idea to solve the situation.

You can calm yourself, drink some tea and stop creasing your forehead. You are the only one to suffer if you let the problems to consume you.

Even if the situation seems helpless, being persistent can be the key.

Seeking help from other colleagues can be a great start. They can refer you to the right department and also give you practical wisdom to use. You can learn about the solutions that they tried and soon you will come up with the right action for your own unique problem.

Most jobs are series of problems and workers were expected to find solutions. It is the foundation of your job to give you problems for you to solve.

You can be thankful that those problems exist because it let jobs to exist.

You need to work well with people to gather ideas so that you can come up with a great solution that is effective and efficient for your problems in your daily life.

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