What to do when you are tired?


1. Sleep.

Try to sleep as long as you could. Last night I slept around midnight and woke up at 9am.

2. Eat

I ate breakfast, lunch and snacks in a bigger portion. Eating can boost your energy and replenish the vitamins that you needed in your body.

3. Sleep some more

Sleeping in the afternoon can pay for your sleep debt during the week.

4. Talk to someone.

Talk to your neighbors, friends and family. Talk to anyone who is near you and let them share their own stories to you.

5. Walk

Walk to the nearest store. Walk in the pathway. Walk around your home.

6. Cook

Cooking your own meal can release some tension on your body. It can also relax your mind from thinking about many things in your life. Cooking can help you focus about one task at hand.

7. Music

You can listen to good old songs. You can enjoy the latest hits. It depends on your preference in music.

You spend all your life with yourself, so why is it difficult for you to take good care of you?

Self care is important. It helps you to have a clear vision about how you do things in your life. Making an appointment to have new eyeglasses is self care.

You can think of simple things that you do for your own good and consider that as caring for yourself.

Writing in a gratitude journal and doing things that can improve your outlook in life is a good start. You can also listen to good music as a form of self care.

It’s all about routines, if you do something that gives you benefits, you’ll repeat it.

Going to sleep when you are tired is also needed to replenish your energy to have a great start for tomorrow.

Drinking water as needed, eating the right amount of food and walking to work can be a great practice for your self caring routine.

You will feel better about your life if you take good care of yourself. The hardships in life will seem irrelevant if you know that everything will be alright.

When you open your eyes

When you are sick, your senses can be at it’s peak. You can feel hotness around your neck that indicates a rise in your body temperature.

You may choose to close your eyes because you feel so weak to held them open.

Darkness may fill your world when your eyes were closed and there is a plain black void.

But the moment that you open your eyes, it is when the magic happens.

Suddenly your world is filled with various lights and colorful surroundings. The emptiness of darkness vanished and you see the people, houses, and all of the things around you.

This is the reason why it’s important to go through dark times.

You will greatly appreciate the bright life when you have been through the dark.

You will put value on what you have when you’ve been through the hardships of owning nothing.

When you open your eyes, you will see endless possibilities ahead of you.

It’s especially colorful when you are travelling at night in a car, watching the moon and different lights on the street.

2 comments on “What to do when you are tired?”

  1. I usually try sleep when I am tired. It’s 2.47 am I am not a bit tired. Then again I don’t really have anywhere to go on a Sunday. Most days actually because I can’t travel we here are still in a level 5 lockdown. So for example I just done my laundry an hour ago. Who knows I might even start cooking if I don’t feel tired soon.


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