What I stopped doing?

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1. I stopped talking bad about other people.

When someone doesn’t treat you right, it’s easy to talk bad about them. It takes practice to control yourself from letting someone’s actions to affect you.

I am grateful that I stopped gossiping or participating in any form to tell something bad about another person. It feels great to have this freedom of not talking about the bad attitude of the people around you.

Not saying a word when someone discredit your work.

2. I stopped criticizing my own works.

I tend to be self critical. I point out the wrong things I make. But I don’t do that anymore.

I accept the flaws I had and learned that my abilities have limits and possibilities.

I know that I am enough and can do what I set my mind to do.

3. I stopped letting people to affect me in any way or form.

Most people seek validation from another person. If someone doesn’t approve your style, you will change it in an instant.

I don’t aim to please people, I choose to inspire myself to do what is right. I don’t do anything for the sake of approval of another person.

How to Not Let Negative Remarks to Affect You?

I also learned to detach myself from the impression of people about me. Who would care about their opinions if I don’t let it to define me as a person.

4. I stopped contacting those who doesn’t bring out the best in me.

I don’t see the point of wasting time talking with people who doesn’t add value in my life.

It’s something I wouldn’t regret, saving my time to do great works.

Being able to sort out the things and people around you can bring more meaning to your life.

5. I stopped buying unnecessary things.

Purchasing can be very subjective. You might want to purchase an expensive item and realize that you don’t need it after actually bringing the item at home. You need to be specific and logical when you bring any product in your room.

These purchases can clutter your home and bring chaos to your environment. Be wise and only buy those things that you need often.

How to Live Below Your Means?

6. I stopped comparing my situation with another person.

It might feel good to compare yourself to those who are experiencing painful tragedies in their lives. But that doesn’t help you to be empathetic and be of true help to someone in need.

You might feel down when you compare yourself to someone who is at the peak of their careers. It doesn’t help you to compare someone’s fortune to your own misfortune.

You need to be realistic with your situation and focus on your own journey.

How to not compare yourself to anyone?

7. I stopped thinking negative thoughts.

This is related to some of the numbers in the above list. I stopped dwelling on any negative experience. I also choose the thoughts that I let to flow in my mind.

If I will achieve great things, I need to be a great person who have great thoughts.

Our mind has the power to attract great things to happen in our life. We need to enhance our skills and shape our life to live with purpose.

What advice would you give me to stop looking back and say, “If I’d”?

It’s my first time for someone in Quora to request for my answer in their particular question (the title of this post).

It feels great to have someone to care for what I would answer. Maybe they randomly pick those person they want answer from, but they still care that someone will give some insights about the question that they asked about.

This is actually a great question.

If you want to stop looking back, focus on your goals in life. Have a clear vision of what you want to get three years from now. Set high standards that you will be in a brighter place in the next five years. Dream high and do the work.

I’ve been stuck the past years dreaming about writing in my own blog site. I tried several times with a free site but I cannot call it my own work. After having enough courage to finally purchase my own site, I feel great. I stopped looking back at the times that I was just dreaming about it. I started to live in the dream I had years ago.

I discovered alot about myself. I became more productive in my work after having my own blog site. It seems like I had a clearer version of what my days should be lived by.

I do not let time pass anymore. I conquer each challenges at work and do what I can in a given moment. I do not live just to get by, I had a great focus to spend time on the things that I love doing.

I also learned to trust in my capabilities. I had huge confidence to face problems that needed a solution. I also had less to none negative self talk. It’s amazing to live this way, it’s a practice to keep this mindset daily.

If you want to stop saying “I would and “I should”, you must start saying I can, I must, I am able, I am doing.

Restore your faith in yourself. Good things come to those who try their best in every endeavor that they take.

It might not happen the way you plan it, but great things will come on its own timing. You must learn to be patient and focus on your purpose in doing things, not in the result of doing those things.

Even if there is no one who gives you credit, you must continue what you do best. Do not wait for someone to recognize your work. Encourage yourself to do the right thing in each area of your life.

Just start on pursuing your passion, dreams and goals in life. Start doing more of the things you need to do to excel in it. Everyone needs to begin and stay motivated to continue doing great things in life.

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