How to Not Let Negative Remarks to Affect You?


Some people will give their opinions about you without you asking them. That is called unsolicited opinion.

You already had too much negative self talk to deal with so it’s better to not let these negative remarks to affect you.

When you face this unnecessary situation, you can just keep your mouth shut and stay in peace.

You can also compose yourself, sit up straight and do what you needed to accomplish for the entire day.

Unhappy people don’t like to be surrounded by positive minded people. They want you to be like them. They don’t want to see that you feel good about yourself or your accomplishments.

They just want to put the fire out that is within you. They set unrealistic expectations on you and when you fail to meet those, they will give their opinions about it.

It’s just an endless circle of setting expectations and telling you that you don’t meet it.

I learned alot from these people too. These kind of situation becomes a learning experience. I learned to choose the battles to fight. I learned to keep silence and choose the brighter option, just let it pass.

You don’t need to please everyone. You don’t need to please that client who talks loud and treats you as unequal. You don’t need to please the parents who don’t like your life choices. You don’t need to please the neighbor who points out your unwelcoming attitude. You don’t need to please your co-workers that doesn’t like how you do your work.

Simply, you don’t need to be a people pleaser.

I know my limitations as a person. I also get tired, and it’s difficult to stay nice when you face unpleasant people. I try to see the good in people even during this negative remarks spilling out from their mouth. Breathing deeply can also help you to choose respect.

You can’t always run away from these people who speak their negative thoughts about you. They can’t keep the negativity to themselves and they want to spread it.

You can be the one to speak positive thoughts about you. You can say that you are enough. You are doing the best you can in your tasks. You are capable of doing great works. You are successful in areas that they think you lack. You are continuously working on yourself.

Don’t let people dim the light you have. They usually talk bad about every people they meet so why let this habit of them to affect you?

You are meant to shine. You are meant to be a positive impact in your community. You are not born in this world to be discouraged by another person. You are born to create a better future for yourself, people around you and be a good human being to every people you came across.

You cannot change someone’s attitude, thoughts about you, what people say and tell about you. You can only change your attitude, control your thoughts, what you say about you and what you tell about yourself.

Be thankful that you don’t make someone feel so little and say sorry later. I am grateful for failures, success, flaws and greatness.

When Grades are a series of numbers

In our lives we can face situations were someone will rate our performance. It can be a school setting, workplace or in a talent show.

We have this idea that getting higher grades is important and it measures our ability.

But that thought may not be as real as your grades were.

Would you let someone tell you the following:

1. You suck as a person.

2. You don’t measure up in the norm.

3. You are incompetent in various aspects.

Grades are there to remind us that we have plenty of areas to improve in. Most people doesn’t get the perfect score or even high grades.

If you compare your grades to someone else, you failed the game already.

Sometimes grades are there to tell you that you don’t perform well. But is it really the case? You can consider the following:

1. It is only the opinion of the one giving the grade.

2. It is not your own opinion.

3. It is not the observation of clients you helped along your journey

4. It is not your co-workers opinion who you also created a bond with.

5. It is only the opinion of your teacher.

Exams were used to measure your knowledge on a certain topic. But does it measure your intellectual ideas and mindset as a human?

When you get high grades you might felt that you don’t deserve it. When you get low grades you might feel disappointed and ask yourself why such grades were given to you.

Grades are subjective, you can’t control the thoughts of your rater. You can only accept what he thinks is appropriate grade for your performance at school, in work or in a show.

What really matters is your attitude that is built while performing.

Over the years, I learned how to not let someone’s judgment influence the way I see myself. I don’t undermine my hard work to match the ways other people see my works.

I value my efforts, small and big actions I took to complete tasks.

Many people in this world may aim to make you feel that you are not doing enough. It can be your sister, mother, teachers, boss, clients, coworker or even strangers. Those kind of people shouldn’t be part of your outlook in life. Never permit anyone to let you feel like you are not doing enough. Don’t let someone make you think that you are not a great worker, student, or person.

Don’t let someone dim your glow. We are meant to make an impact. We are meant to reach our goals. The grades will be series of numbers that we won’t remember when we achieve our ultimate dreams in life.

Don’t be conscious that you receive low grades when compared to your fellow students, co-workers or friends.

You were not born to be measured with high grade and low grade. You were born to excel in what you do. And no grade can determine what you can and will accomplish in the next ten years of your life.

It depends on you if you will accept those grades as a number or it will discourage you even more.

It depends on you if you will still give your best despite not having someone to give you credit or you will work on something parallel to the low grade that you received.

In the end, what really matters is the lives you touched, the friends you gained, the laughter you enjoyed sharing and the memories you can go back to.

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