What to Do on Weekends?

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What To Do On Weekends?

We are still facing the challenges brought about by the pandemic. We can feel isolated due to restrictions in gathering in public. We can also feel immobile due to lack of public transportation in the country.

Many were forced to retire early. Others became unemployed and was forced to find ways on how to earn money after the lockdowns. Some were given the option to work remotely. There are so many changes in how we work and what we do daily.

Most of us stayed at home during weekends for almost a whole year since March 2020. You can feel overwhelmed with the changes or you can feel stuck in the routine of waking up, staying at home cycle.

This is why I want to share some of the things I do during weekends. These activities might be ideal for your situation during this time of pandemic.

1. Walking in the morning to buy groceries.

It is nice to walk and see the leaves that fall carelessly in the road.

It’s also great form of exercise. At the same time you can buy the foods that you need in the grocery store. Two activities in one go!

It’s especially good if it’s raining, you can walk and appreciate the rain drops too. Little things count, rain can also remind you that nature is at work in its cycle.

2. Cooking your own meal

It’s nice to eat your own cooked meal. You can chop the vegetables into shapes that you like. You can be sure that you only used the ingredients in your desired amount. You can also add some spices to your own liking.

Cooking your meal on weekends can also be great bonding with your family members. If you are living apart from your family, it’s still a good activity to be mindful about your day.

You can also improve your cooking skills by doing it often.

3. Taking a hot shower

Some people might prefer doing cold showers for it’s great benefits. But I would like having hot water than cold. It can ease muscle pain and you will feel relaxed after.

It can also help you to get a better sleep especially when you take warm showers hours before bed time.

Take your time during weekends to have a long warm shower. It can give you the relaxing feeling that you needed the most.

4. Wash your own clothes

There were weeks that I just bring my clothes to the laundry shop. My excuses were I was so tired that I don’t want to deal with it. Sometimes it’s just I don’t have time for it.

These were excuses. If I want a productive filled life, I would always choose to wash my own clothes. Washing my clothes also help me to gather some ideas like blog titles and topics for my next blog!

I actually got two blog topics to talk about after spending some time washing my own clothes. You can seize the day, you just need to take action.

5. Declutter your own room, if applicable your home

You can clean your own room, you can start with your own closet. Then the drawers, and the appliances you use at home. You can also start throwing away things that you don’t use or even donate those that will benefit others.

You can change pillow cases, curtains, clean kitchen utensils and clean every spot that seems out of place.

If your environment is full of things and it seems like you are living in a literal chaos, your mind will also be full of unnecessary thoughts.

Clean your room to be able to have a clean life thoughts.

6. Use your phone to call your friend and family members

If you are spending the weekends at home, you can call your friends to catch up with their life. If you are living away from your family because of work, it’s great to communicate using your phone via messenger or any social media app.

Your friends and family are your support system. They care genuinely about you and would like to know what you have been up to lately.

You can also just check if they are doing okay during this pandemic. You can also make plans to eat meals together when time permits.

Express how much you care for the people you love most. It’s a shame that we can’t hug those dearest to us due to the scare from the virus. But we can express our love and affection through words and thoughts.

7. Write a poem

This is something I would like to do this weekend! I feel that the creativity inside me needs an outlet. I can tell writing a poem can drain the energy to create. You can always choose what activity you would like to do in your day. It can be writing, singing, dancing, or painting a beautiful view.

Writing a good poem and probably putting a part of it in this blog can also be a good idea.

You need to encourage yourself to still do the things that you love doing even if we can’t travel freely from one place to another. We also need to be considerate of those around us and put the safety as a priority. We can’t go around doing things the same way we do in 2019. We need to protect ourselves and stay healthy.

I still have alot of things I could add to this list, but I’ll stop adding because it can be very long to read. Maybe I’ll discuss some of the activities in another blog post.

You can also message me in my email couragetoblog@gmail.com if you want to suggest any topic I could discuss in the next blog post.

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