How to Set Goals in Your Life?

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Years ago, I read a book about changing your standards in life. It is a book of Tony Robbins, “Awaken the Giant Within”. If we can only raise our standards, we would not settle on things or events that come our way. We would wait; we would work on the things and events that we want most.

We can all take our lives to a new level. We can start this March 2021. What we set our eyes into is what we get most of the time. Are you looking in the right direction or you are choosing what is comfortable now?

Goal setting can be complex. You cannot promise that what you want today will still be what you want to achieve five years from now. Our goals also progress as we grow as an individual. Surely, three years ago I had dreams where I thought my whole being will be crushed if I couldn’t reach it at that time. But right now, that dream seems like a faded picture. I couldn’t even remember when it became invisible in my life.

My values also changed as years passed by. I value some areas in my life more than when I was a teen. There comes a time in my life where music has been a huge part of my day. As a student, studying was a big part while as a child, playing games was my main priority in life. Your age can also become a factor in types of goals that you have.

Oftentimes, I didn’t achieve the goals that I write in paper. Other times, the opposite of my goal happens. All I can do is give my best in any given moment. If I fail in pursuing my goals, those experiences will become part of my history. There is no need to be down about it. Instead, I have to set some new goals and try to achieve them.

Most people will advise you to set some realistic goals. I advise you to set goals that seem impossible. When I was unemployed, my goal was to earn 1000 dollars. This goal seemed impossible especially when I was unemployed. If I hadn’t set that kind of goal, I don’t think I will be able to attract money in my way. After being employed, I had a goal to save 2000 dollars as quickly as I can and I was able to achieved it. It is my goal now to save 20,000 dollars and I know that I can still achieve it.

When you set your mind into pursuing your goals, the sequence of events will adjust themselves for you to make it happen. Everything will fall into its place and you will get what you want.

I had this goal to start a blog since I was in my teens. If I hadn’t written my goals before, I don’t think my inner being will fight for this dream. Right at this moment, I am pursuing this dream. I am walking in the path I planned years ago.

What you need in life is faith, food, water, money, shelter, love from friends and family and your ability to dream.

There will be dark times but there will also be bright days. Appreciate each moment as you might be unlocking the next stage of your life. Don’t get tired of writing your goals down, working on yourself to achieve them and finally living your dreams with a grateful heart.


I downloaded an app months ago, it’s called 21 days. It is only today that I actually opened and discover it’s function as an app.

It has various selections on which area you want to improve your life. I selected “Declutter”.

When I clicked it, it turns out there’s a card I need to scratch on to see the challenge for Day 1. When I scratched the card, it appears the phrase, “Clean Out Your Closet”.

Surely my closet is clean, I just need to improve how it looks. Getting organize is the first step to declutter.

I will set time to clean my closet tonight. I know I will feel great after doing so. Having a place for things that I need daily is a great step to be organized. When things in your life has its own place, you can focus your energy on to other things that needs your attention.

I can say that I don’t have alot of things in my room, because I always think before I buy anything. I don’t want to buy something and just don’t use it which will lead for that thing to be a display around my room.

Folding clothes neatly can make my clothes look organized and will bring great joy and peace. When everything in the outside is in peace, you will find inner calmness within.

Day by day I will scratch the card related to “Declutter” and I will try to maintain doing the activities in the card to improve my outlook in life.

You never know what activity in the next card will turn out, the mystery brings excitement and energy.

There is already too much chaos in our world. We should bring peace and tranquility in our lives through these small actions that we can do daily. The app can be our guide towards achieving these small goals.

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