How to Blog? Will you choose Quantity over Quality in a Blog?

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How To Blog? Will You Choose Quantity over Quality in a Blog?

Is there a right way to blog? Which is more effective, consistency or intensity?

I will choose consistency over intensity. If a video in YouTube get viral, that specific video will get thousands or even millions of views. But what can happen after that burst of views? It is either the YouTube channel will receive additional views on other videos that is uploaded or maybe it’s the last video that will garner that amount of views.

It also depends on the creator if he has the capability to produce more intense filled videos. Creations that will attract millions of people, but often times it’s a one time thing.

This is why I will rather have consistent number of readers in my blog rather than thousands of readers in a day. I will enjoy having loyal readers who supports me in creating more posts rather than one time reader who cheers me in a one successful blog post.

In writing in my website, I would also choose to write one or two blog post a day rather than trying to publish ten or a hundred post in a week or extremely in a day.

I love the way I write daily because it also gives me time to reflect. I also enjoy editing my evening published post each morning as I wake up.

There will be times that you don’t have something to write, I let that feeling pass. I would do some chores, wash the dishes, clean my room, listen to music and after all the accomplished tasks, I can feel that I have something to talk about in my blog.

It is effortless writing when it is something that you care about. You can also publish your blog and add more paragraphs the next morning. You are free to create what you want to share to the world.

I will always strive for consistent effort rather than great intense work.

Will you choose quantity over quality in creating your blog?

I like to write more instead of thinking about the perfect sentences to add in my paragraphs.

Writing can be unpredictable when you write whatever comes in your mind. There will be no filters, edits, fillers but all genuine art. The blog you create may stay in drafts for weeks and you will go back to it daily. Sometimes it just takes an hour in drafts and you decide to publish it immediately.

I would choose Quantity over Quality in the things I create. You can learn from doing something multiple times. This is my third blog in three days. I can tell you that it feels good to click the publish button and announce to everyone that you have a new post!

You may share your newly published post on social media. You can also share your links in various communities in Reddit and Quora. There are many websites that discusses how you can promote your own blog. There are also free tools to check your blog and give you insights on where to improve.

The work we do can be numerous. It’s not about the perfect work but doing good works with specified time limits.

Time is limited for workers and it’s best to spend it wisely.

Getting things done quickly is preferable than a perfect quality work that doesn’t meet deadlines.

Quality of work will be noticeable with years of experience.

I will still write even when I don’t feel like doing it. I can edit my previous blog post and add some more paragraphs. I can also cut many sentences that doesn’t make sense. This will let me learn about myself as a writer.

We all have 24 hours in a day and we can choose our activities. Living with intent is important to select what we need to accomplish in our days. Producing more content can help you to learn fast about blogging. You can establish your writing habits and follow your set routine to lead you to good creations.

Put the energy from doubts to doing. Start creating what you can do today. You will be surprised of your achievements if you won’t stop doing what you love. Do not give up in the middle. Keep going and the fruits of your labor will appear.

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