How To Schedule Writing in Your Day?

How To Schedule Writing in Your Day?

It is important to have a writing schedule as a beginner blogger. You can record your thoughts either in paper or directly in a Microsoft Word File in your laptop and mobile phone. The thoughts that you have may vary per occasion. You can save it as a draft and get back to it when you wake up the next morning. You can have too much inspiration and write a whole blog about it.

A day after I set up my site, I made a schedule on how my days as a beginner blogger will be. I dedicated one year to work on myself, grow in each area of my life as well as this blog. I schedule at least 30 at night to to blog. It is not necessarily writing a whole post, it can be editing my published blog. It can also be adding some widgets, images and paragraphs on my blog.

I set six hours of blogging on Saturdays while about three hours allotted on Sundays. I love the flexible time schedules to blog.

I see blogging as work. We only work for things that bring us value and sense of fulfillment. Each work that we had in our lives lead us to where we are now in our lives. Our focus, time and energy were spent to work so we must love our works.

Some of the works that we had might not bring joy and fulfillment in ourselves but those experiences were a vital part to reach success. Some works can be tiresome. Some are fun and bring the best version of yourself.

There are uncertainties in our days like emergencies and unpredictable events that will hinder you to work. I choose the flexible writing schedule and give my best.

You cannot let people do the decisions for you. You are responsible on how your life on Earth would turn out. You can do your best, use available resources, enjoy the process of building yourself and create the life you want to live.

I also made a reading schedule. I will read at least 30 minutes on weekdays. It can be an article, blog or a book. I downloaded some finance books in my phone. It is important to have reading habits to benefit from the vast knowledge of various authors.

Reading books can supplement to the experiences needed to achieve goals.

I believe that small things done daily can create a ripple that can be helpful. Never get tired of doing the small actions. It can be helping people to grow as an individual by appreciating them, by reaching out to people who need someone to listen, by reading great stories to those undergoing painful phases in life and by inspiring someone to reach their full potential.

You never know what help you could share to this world, so keep doing what you think will benefit someone.

What are you waiting for? Schedule your days to be productive and you will see the results when you follow it.

5 comments on “How To Schedule Writing in Your Day?”

  1. This is the problem with sole niche bloggers they pick a topic and then run out of ideas very quickly. If you are starting to blog then you could just have a free blog that you could post about anything just to get used to writing. By writing constantly you make it easier to write about nearly everything that you have researched.

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    1. I did that before, I had a free blog site in blogger. It was just now that I had the courage to to actually start something that is with my own domain. I know beginners need improvement in all they do. I’m just happy to start from something rather than dream about it.

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      1. The problem with blogger is that they host your site in a frame. Google owns all your content and thats it if they decide to unpublish you for breaking the terms of service. Anyway with your own hosted blog you have much more opportunities buddypress will build you a community for example. But my opinion of buddypress was more like spam press that was a few years ago not so sure about it now.

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