A Quest to Write 365 Blog Posts in One Year


It took me several years to finally purchase my own website.

I came up with excuses like:

1. too young to blog

2. lack of funds

3. self doubt

4. not enough knowledge

Too Young To Blog

At what age must someone start to blog? I limit myself thinking that age matters when starting a blog. Now, I can see bloggers as early as age 14 and they are writing great works! Some even post great poems in their blog. Being young shouldn’t be a limitation and it must be seen as an advantage because you have lesser responsibilities and more time to blog.

Lack of Funds

This one is also the reason why I didn’t buy any domain for years. I thought that putting money in blogging will be a waste and I wouldn’t benefit or get any return from it.

Having no source of fund to buy a domain can be a real limit for you to start a blog.

I tried having free blogger site but nothing beats having a domain because you own the things you create this way.

Self doubt

Because of the two reasons above, this self doubt suddenly became an additional reason for me to not start my own blog site.

I dream of starting a blog but my self doubt is greater than my drive to pursue that dream.

I doubt myself if I would be consistent on writing a blog. I have doubts whether I can continue writing because of my duties as a student years ago. When I got a job, I still have these doubts on whether I can keep writing consistently because I have many responsibilities at work.

Not Enough Knowledge

I had this excuse because I don’t consider myself an expert on a specific topic.

This is why I try to write more about finance as I have a degree related to finance. I am also practicing my financial tips and these are the reason why I want to put it in writing. I also read many motivational books during the time I am studying for College. This is the reason I like writing about motivational topics as I like to motivate people who can be reached by my blog.

But after years of self doubt, I published my first blog!

I am grateful for the events that lead me to this moment. A time of freedom to pursue my passion for writing.

I can express my happiness and emotions by writing in this blog. I aim to write at least 365 blog post starting this February 25, 2021. Today is the beginning of a wonderful year.

What are the blog topics that I can write about?

1. Writing Schedule for a Beginner Blogger

2. Goal Setting for a New Blog

3. How to Start Saving Money Early in Life

4. Using Mobile Apps as Guide in Blogging

5. How to be Consistent in Blogging?

I will post more about my blogging and financial journey.

Last night, I made a writing schedule while considering my free time and work hours.

I also alotted time to exercising, doing chores, hobbies and other responsibilities in life.

I am happy that I can share my knowledge to help people by blogging.

This blog gave me unimaginable joy and you can feel it while reading.

I have different goals this year for my blog. I know there will be failures but I see those as a chance to improve to get things right the next time.

I would like to be consistent in  blogging even if I am tired due to work. I will write paragraphs at night and edit my work when I wake up in the morning.

I will see improvement if I continuously do what I love most – writing.

Many people have dreams that were buried deep in its own grave. It is time to free ourselves from the box of limits that we created.  Time is precious and we must value it more than ever in these uncertain periods of our lives.

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